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We help companies open new offices.

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Why join us?

  • Founding team has ~30 yrs collective experience in Silicon Valley. 2 successful venture-funded exits (over $300MM in total), and multiple other past startups still growing. Most recent ex head of HR at Atlassian (through their IPO) and SuccessFactors is an advisor.

  • Team previously was early at Palantir, Xoom, CubeTree, Dynamic Signal, Descartes Labs, and also led global workplace growth at New Relic (from 20 to 800 people) and Rally Health (NYSE: UNH).

  • Our investors include Bloomberg Beta, which is Michael Bloomberg's seed fund, Costanoa Ventures (led by former first PM at Nescape), and Newmark Knight Frank (one of the top 5 commercial real estate brokerages in the US)

  • In 7 months since founding, closed first two pilot customers: helped one startup already open a second office in Las Vegas, and another opening their first office in San Francisco. Growing pipeline of coastal startups wanting to open offices in emerging tech hubs in the US

  • Built database of metrics on cost, talent, travel, real estate, and quality of life across 30+ cities across the country. Developed relationships with city/state govt and local ecosystem partners at 10 cities and counting (Indianapolis, Columbus, Omaha, Des Moines, Atlanta, and more). Cities committing to partner and promote us.

  • Rev-share partnerships with recruiters, IT vendors, and a number of other service providers in order to develop additional revenue channels (i.e. customer revenue + partner revenue + city revenue)

  • Every VC wants to pitch us to their portfolio - which makes for a great way to build pipeline early.

Engineering at BeyondHQ

Engineering team and processes

Currently, our eng team is composed of part-time folks in various cities across America. We are looking for our first in-house full-time engineer! We stick to some agile/scrum processes and use JIRA for tracking on both the business and dev side, but we move quickly so we try to be process light.

Technical Challenges

We work with A LOT of city data, so keeping that data up to date and cleaning/processing data across various data sources are a bit tricky and fun to think through. In the future, we plan to build out predictive analytics capabilities, so lots of interesting challenges to come and you will be the first to tackle them.

Projects you might work on
  • You would be building out the next version of our city selection tool which helps companies decide the next city they should open an office in.

  • You would be building the first version of our workplace expansion tool which gives companies the blueprint to open a new office.

Tech stack
Modern Front-End Frameworks

Working at BeyondHQ

We are a small but tight group with a big shared vision of driving tech-enabled economic opportunity beyond Silicon Valley (and the traditional coastal tech markets), an unrelenting in-the-trenches mentality, and a strong emphasis on interpersonal respect and support.

Each of us is individually responsible for building and delivering our piece(s) of the puzzle, so there is terrific pride in ownership and collaboration. No one is looking over your shoulder, no red tape, #JustDoIt attitude required. That said, we laugh, a lot. And rib each other. And we trust, and respect each other. We don't take anything TOO seriously (no one is dying on the operating table, after all), which allows for a regular, healthy dose of levity.

If you're a developer motivated by truly transformational endeavours impacting the future of work across America (and the world), driven by an ambitious desire to shape a massive roadmap, and deeply in love with cultural and technical fit, we promise BeyondHQ won't disappoint!

Perks & benefits
  • Beautiful Office

    Located in the north flats of Potrero Hill, we are an easy walk to tons of great restaurants, amenities, and public transportation. The office is SF modern, with everything you need to kick you-know-what.

  • Workshops/Conferences

    Want to go to a favorite conference? Make a business case for it, and off you go! Even better, submit to speak at a conference. We're creating a new industry here, and you'll have plenty to share. We believe that networking and staying on top of new technology advancements is critical to staying ahead of the game.

  • Flexible Hours

    We mostly work the typical 9-6ish, M-F. But no one is watching the clock. Need a working from your living room in PJs day, go to your kids soccer game at, or work from Tahoe (or Cabo) once in awhile? So long as you keep building our vision and cranking out amazing code, you do you.

  • Health Insurance

    Medical/dental/vision. The basics.

  • Work from Home
  • Team Activities

    We do fun stuff, ad hoc, when we think about it. What's your thing? Propose it and if sounds exciting, it'll probably happen.

  • Free Food

    Drinks and snacks galore. And yes, we have cold brew :)

  • Travel

    Helping companies open new offices across the country is what we do! So there are constant opportunities to go to where we're taking our customers.

  • Generous Vacation

    No official policy yet, but if you need time, take time! We're all about R&R.

Our Team by the Numbers

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