11 - 25 Employees
< 10 Engineers
$2M - $5M Funding
Pre-Series A

BioRender is a software tool that allows scientists to accelerate groundbreaking research across the life sciences by making it 100x easier to communicate their work. We reduce the time it takes to visually communicate research from 10-20 hours to just 10-20 minutes while drastically improving outputs. We aim to save scientists over 1 billion hours of wasted time per year so they can spend it on solving the important things, like curing cancer.

Our customers include 100s of the largest, most iconic Universities and biotech/pharmaceutical companies in the world. Backed by top tier investors, BioRender is a profitable, fast-growing and mission-driven startup made up of hard-working people who are passionate about transforming how science is discovered and communicated forever.

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Active Roles

Why join us?

  • Strong founding team, including:

    Deep domain expertise (8+ years) in science illustration / communication, having previously worked with National Geographic and many of the world's largest pharma companies

    Previously founded successful companies, including an exit to a public company and growing one of Canada's largest e-commerce platforms

    • Technical expertise including experience working on collaborative tools at Dropbox and working on large systems at Google

  • We've increased revenue and user base 10x in the last year and are currently profitable with 100+ companies and universities using BioRender in 100+ countries.

  • A fast-paced environment and team with diverse skillsets, with a compelling mission: To empower the world to learn and communicate science faster through visuals.

Engineering at BioRender

Engineering team and processes

Currently, our engineering team is 7 people and operates on a two-week product cycle. Each cycle begins with a product meeting to discuss the difficulty and impact of feature ideas, including company strategic priorities and ideas brought by different teams in the company.

We have a designer on the team and a thorough styleguide, which saves us a ton of time fiddling with CSS and improves UI consistency in the app.

We often do whiteboard brainstorming sessions to discuss architecture and do technical ideation. A lot of smaller features are implemented independently, but we try to have two developers on bigger projects.

We use Pull Requests on GitHub to conduct code reviews, we also use Cypress for end-to-end tests and do manual QA. We hold developer meetings every two weeks, where we do a retrospective and aim to improve team workflows. We are currently on a two-week release cycle, but are on track to move to continuous deployment within three months. It’s a big priority for the company and the engineering team.

We held our first internal Hackathon in November and it was a big success, so we are planning to run Hackathons ever 6 months.

Technical Challenges

Building a visual editor on the web that is snappy and performant comes with a fun set of technical challenges! We have to optimize rendering and caching, figure out how to generate and export large files, cache vector images with complicated paths to reduce rerendering and get it to play nicely with different browsers.

Most of our technical challenges are on the frontend. Our backend is relatively simple.

Projects you might work on
    • Make our app real-time collaborative
    • Build scientific brushes (e.g. DNA brush or a cell membrane) or other fun scientific drawing tools (e.g. controls to adjust the liquid height in a beaker and have it respect gravity on rotation)
    • Animation feature
Tech stack

Working at BioRender

We are hard-working, we care a lot and our team is very collaborative.

Perks & benefits
  • Pet Friendly

    We have an office dog named Oli

  • Free Food

    We always have snacks and do team lunches every Thursday!

  • Beautiful Office

    We have a nice brick and beam office in downtown Toronto (Bathurst and Queen).

  • Team Activities

    We do happy hours on Fridays and have offsite events every 6-8 weeks.

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