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We help folks get their unemployment claim faster and are building a community of local knowledge and support for talented future employees.

Why join us?

  • We are experience white-hot demand of our beta product - more growth than we can handle. Beta launches have generated revenue with organic word-of-mouth growth and repeat users. We need a production ready product ASAP to onboard thousands of users in a matter of months.

  • Our team is previously raised Series A ($13M) & B ($16M) from financial institutions and built a dominant data-sharing standard in the blockchain industry.

  • We're currently backed by the premier legal firm in tech. Very close to top-tier seed investors in the Valley.

  • We are solving a very important social and economic problem: 55 million Americans do not have jobs. Their state unemployment centers are swamped. We have helped our users get their claims much fast and with much less anxiety. This product can actually do some good for society.

Engineering at Blocktype

Engineering team and processes

Due to both demand and the acute mission to solve these issues quickly, engineers are expected to operate as their own project leaders. We give a freedom and trust for engineers to pushing front end code to production as quickly as possible. We have daily stand ups to form consensus, then weekly roundtables to monitor progress.

Technical Challenges

We're going to be scaling an infrastructure to handle thousands or tens of thousands of events per day. If we reach a significant market share of the labor market, millions of events per hour.

Additionally, we will have platform requirements to combat fraud, scams, and abuse monitoring for many thousands of users.

Lastly, we will need to scale a data team: being able to create data pipelines to data lakes and warehouses for platform stability.

Think about how you would build a better infrastructure than Reddit.

Projects you might work on
  • We love beautiful front-end design. We will be helping users connect with each other to share content, create video, stickers, and host live streams. Our front end keeps users engaged with modern social media content while our backend systems interacts with legacy systems behind the scenes.

  • In the backend, you would be building a scalable state machine to funnel tasks to users in a high-velocity system. Our system must be able to react quickly to changing states (in a matter of seconds) as we efficiently funnel our users through a state's legacy system (as in US States: CA, TX, NY).

    This infrastructure can vary state-to-state (e.g. CA is different than TX) and sometimes changes due to the states updating their systems. Building off legacy requires us to programmatically interact with these old-school platforms. This requires our team to embrace a creative problem-solving skill set, and when done right the feeling is highly rewarding.

    We cannot disclose our current project specifically, but know that we tackle big engineering problems that many people and companies ignore or are unknown to them. Our team thus embraces risk and the unknown. Move fast, ship fast, without fear.

Tech stack

Working at Blocktype

We value ethical risk taking (build features users need and love to live better) and are fearless. We're always looking at user velocity and building the rails for them to achieve what they want. Our culture is very dynamic; make strong experimental action but be ready for change.

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation

    Leave work anytime for a breather, regather your passion, and come back to work with a fresh mind.

    Good products come from free minds.

  • Flexible Hours
  • Company Retreats

    If remote, meet once-per month or quarter for hikes, vision quests, team building activities. As we grow, annual trips to cool places.

  • Relocation

    Move where you want to work. We'll help you (physically and/or monetarily).

  • Work from Home

    Of course :)

Our Team by the Numbers

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