Remote Cloud Engineer (Pulumi)



Role Location

  • Remote


26 - 50 people


Schützenstrasse 7
Lachen, SZ, 8853, CH

Tech Stack

  • Elixir
  • PostgreSQL
  • AWS
  • Svelte
  • Pulumi
  • Kubernetes
  • TypeScript

Role Description

We’re currently in the process of building out an SRE/Cloud Engineering team, and we're firmly in the Kitchen Sink stage. That means lots of opportunities and influence, but also lots of responsibility and different hats to wear. If you expect that everything has already been neatly structured, don’t apply. Our culture is closer to a startup than to a large corporation.

You will join the team that owns infrastructure, automation, tooling, and automated acceptance testing; a small, collaborative team of senior engineers, and you will be mainly working on our infrastructure-as-code (IaC) codebase written in Typescript using Pulumi to orchestrate all infrastructure in AWS and Kubernetes running on top of it (EKS), and integrations into Github, Datadog, and other SaaS providers.

While we encourage all engineers to contribute to the IaC codebase, they tend to do so on their own service’s deployment level; pure infrastructure concerns are with us (the kubernetes clusters, the security, all non-functional aspects, writing library code for the software engineers to consume and leverage, all infrastructure upgrade/migration concerns, etc.).

No Terraform, no CloudFormation, no YAML, only Pulumi. The C in IaC is code, not configuration; with everything that a full programming language brings with it: better abstraction, better tooling, more flexibility, more automation; but also more skill and responsibility required. We prefer using more powerful tools to enable highly skilled individuals to have more leverage over simpler tools that contain less foot-guns (we also believe in automated testing to avoid the foot-guns...).

The above also means that you have to have a good grasp on software engineering, which means coding, delivering new features, code reviews, fixing bugs, peer programming, etc. You will do a lot of that; in small, actionable chunks to deliver the most value in no time. And you are also responsible to manage the rollout of your changes across our different environments/AWS accounts.

You will participate in and improve the whole lifecycle of services from inception and design, through deployment, operation, and refinement; collaborate with software engineers and product managers to help plan timely delivery of required new infrastructure.

In DevOps/Team Topologies terminology, you'll be part of a Platform Team, moving towards self-service.

About Bluecode

At Bluecode we’re building the first European mobile payment scheme that enables cashless payments combined with value-added services. It's a solution from and for Europe; accepted at 20’000 locations, from large and small department stores and supermarket chains to famous events like Oktoberfest.

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