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At BrandCommerce we believe that we are entering a new phase of eCommerce which will become increasingly more interface free, location-less and ‘thought-less’. This creates the need for any brand to own their checkout funnel, customer data and direct consumer relationships. This is why we are building BrandCommerce to seamlessly connect brands between their retail partners, logistics providers, last-mile vendors, content and data management platforms allowing them to offer a single, seamless eCommerce experience fulfilled without deploying complex logistics technology.

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Why join us?

  • We launched in 2017 and since both founders successfully exited their previous businesses they didn't raise money for the first year. The 2 alone reached $650K ARR in first year finishing the year profitable and demonstrating CPG demand for a proprietary tool to enable their eCommerce needs.

  • After a strong 1st year and on track to hit 1.5M ARR raised Seed Round at favorable terms as SAFE note meaning strike price for early team members is almost equal to 0. Investors include Lightspeed, Sinai Ventures (SAP fund), MOAT founders and other strategic SaaS/Commerce founders.

  • Both founders are proven entrepreneurial leaders able to show successful track record having built businesses with revenue of 20M+ each and sold their previous businesses for 100M+ combined.

Engineering at BrandCommerce

Engineering team and processes

We've outlined our current engineering process below but as we anticipate our team growing considerably this year we're expect to work with new recruits to iterate on the process to ensure it's efficient, agile and also rewarding (hopefully fun) a team structure and process to work in.

Currently one of our founders is head of product and engineering, overseeing product plan, feature prioritization, scheduled releases and roadmap.

In a nutshell we're obsessed with Continuous Integration and try to ship product as often as possible. All engineers, provided they've passed all the safety tests are encouraged to push code as often as possible.

The team presently work to approved product specifications, including any frontend/UI components as wireframes and/or completed designs (output from Sketch and managed in Zeplin).

Engineering sprints are two week cycles with an agreed set of features for each sprint, fixed QA process before internal acceptance testing with product and business teams. If any newly released feature was informed by a specific customer request the feature is deployed to a UAT environment for customer approval prior to platform integration.

At present engineering works in a single team across microservices, ETL, API and UI requirements but as the team grows this year we expect this to be separated into 4 core teams: 1) Microservices Architecture 2) Backend ETL and Vendor Integrations 3) Frontend, UI and client API Integrations 4) Maintenance Engineering Support

Platform integration and deployment is an automated procedure. Right now we're in a highly active cycle so shipping code on a daily basis and we'll continue to do this for our internal roadmap but for customer requests we'll be aiming to limit public releases to a fixed schedule (to be agreed with the team) so that we can consolidate small feature requests and allow all engineers to focus on the good stuff.

Technical Challenges

We're building a virtual warehouse of available inventory from local retailers across the country.

That might sound simple but challenges to overcome are include: * High volume/frequency ETL enquiry and analysis for inventory checks. * Rapid search and index of high quality of product variants - large scale, real-time complex term search across multiple 3rd party systems. * The resulting caching systems necessary to ensure we don't hose our infrastructure.

Things we're thinking about at the moment: * Building a smarter integration solution to large quantities of 3rd party data repositories (retailer systems) * Pattern learning on product sales for predictive analysis of inventory need based on specific rules and contextual criteria. * Point-to-point logistics intelligence between retailers and customer locations factoring traffic and weather conditions.

Things we're intent on solving: * Explore hardware/software solutions to extracting inventor information from legacy retailer systems (think FoxPro or older and completely offline). * A universal translation layer for ETL between product inventory systems that is easy enough for non-technical content managers to use.

Projects you might work on
  • Build ETL to collect and identify real-time availability of products based on geography and contextual information from retailers nationwide. Requires creating ETL layer between potentially hundreds of retailer systems to index all common grocery and retail products - total indexed records expected in MM per market.

  • Integrate real-time ordering capability with connected kitchen devices (such as Samsung IoT) to route product order to available retailer in real-time based on product availability.

  • Custom in-context editor (think GrapesJS or Vadiim or Squarespace) for vast Product Inventory Management and CMS for eCommerce product management for non-technical user.

  • Multi-tenanted, micro-service driven architecture so that customer ecommerce stores can be 'stood up' in as little as 1 hour from request by gathering available inventory and pushing order management to API layer for multiple client devices (web, native app, Alexa etc.)

Tech stack
Spring Boot
Spring Cloud

Working at BrandCommerce

We believe that the right team is vital to our success. We have audacious goals and amazing opportunities in front of us. In the end, we are all collectively responsible for the success that we achieve. Last but not least, we want to have fun doing it together.

Our Core Values - Be Passionate - Embrace and drive Innovation - Continuously Learn - Be Humble - Integrity - Build Community - Get Shit done

BrandCommerce is headquartered in New York, with our office in the Nomad district.

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation

    Flexible time off policy

  • Company Retreats

    Regular social team events

  • Flexible Hours

    Family & pet friendly flexible office hours

  • 401(k) Contribution

    We offer 401(k) through our partners at Gusto

  • Transportation

    Commuter benefits

  • Other

    Stock Options to each employee (we want you to feel as invested as we do)

  • Maternal/Paternal Leave

    Both founders are parents and fully appreciate what it takes to raise children. We offer 3 months maternal leave and flexible schedule for as long as is needed. We offer 2 weeks paternal leave and flexible schedule for as long as is needed.

  • Free Food

    Stocked snack bar beverages and beer (from our awesome customers)

  • Health Insurance

    Full coverage premium health insurance including vision and dental

  • Beautiful Office

    We share an office with a creative agency that works on luxury fashion - it's a beautiful and creative space.

Our Team by the Numbers

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