26 - 50 employees
11 - 25 engineers
$1m - $2m funding
Pre-series a

Bubble is a visual programming tool for the web. Build, launch, and run fully custom, production-ready software applications without having to write a single line of code.

Our customers are entrepreneurs, businesses, and students who want to quickly launch web applications without the high costs and slow delivery times of traditional software development. Bubble completely replaces an engineering team for software product development: our users have built complete crowdfunding platforms, marketplaces, social networks, line of business applications, and thousands of other use cases, all without writing any code.

In addition to a visual programming language, Bubble provides a platform as a service: we host and scale customer applications without our customers having to manage their own infrastructure. Customers maintain full control of their applications and can rapidly iterate them as their needs evolve.

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Why join us?

  • We are completely customer-funded and profitable, with over a million dollars in annualized recurring revenue. Because we don't require outside funding to stay in business, we focus on building the best product for our customers, which has resulted in an incredibly-engaged community of users (we have people who spend ~10 hours a day on our product, and our discussion forum has ~120,000 user posts). Our recurring revenue has doubled in the last year based on word-of-mouth.

  • We are pursuing a huge opportunity: we believe that over the next 10 years, no-code / low-code platforms will become the framework that almost all new software development (both code and non-code) will be built on top of. We want to be the platform that wins that market. This is an engineering-intensive and product-intensive problem, and we have a big head start, and the financial freedom to take advantage of it.

  • We're six people right now, so if you join, you're in on the ground floor: you'll have the opportunity to shape the technical direction and culture of the company as we grow. As an early employee of company with no outside financing, your financial upside as well as your ability to make a positive impact on the lives of our users is huge.

Engineering at Bubble

Engineering team and processes

Our engineering processes are simple and lightweight. We meet every Monday to assess the game plan for the week, and use a simple ticketing system (built on Bubble, of course!) to manage features and bugs. We use git for source control, and deploy code multiple times a day using a Slack bot that manages our AWS infrastructure. We're engineer-led: both our founders write code and talk to customers, and we believe that engineers working with customer support should drive the product roadmap.

Technical Challenges

Some of our more interesting challenges include:

  • Building a new, visual programming language that abstracts web and mobile application architecture
  • Optimizing end-user written queries into efficient SQL
  • Pushing real-time updates to those queries to web browsers
  • Running user-written workflows on our servers and in their web-browsers
  • Hosting thousands of user apps with differing schemas in the same database cluster, and running the apps on shared web servers
  • Creating declarative privacy rules to help end users create secure applications
  • Interpreting user intent to automatically create responsive web pages
  • Making the process of connecting to third party APIs accessible to non-programmers
Projects you might work on
  • Set up a micro-service that manages our user's app's metadata across multiple environments to support automatically transferring user apps from our shared infrastructure to dedicated infrastructure

  • Overhaul the way our workflow engine manages transactions and state to better capture our user's intuitive sense of how workflows should be evaluated

  • Build out tooling to help users diagnose especially slow operations in their apps, and help our team find important performance optimizations

Tech stack

Working at Bubble

We're friendly and low-ego: we believe in treating each other and our users well, and we're doing this because we love this and think it's important, not because we want to be famous (though if it helps more users find us, we're happy to get good press!)

We're results-oriented, not input-oriented: we don't care when people show up or leave, and are fine with people working from home: what we care about is shipping product.

We move fast: if we disagree about a feature direction, we'll default to trying it out in a quick, low-risk way. And we're qualitative rather than quantitative: we believe in using quantitative metrics to detect problems, but we don't believe in using them to steer the ship. We manage the company against how happy our users are and how proud we are of what we are building.

Perks & benefits
  • Flexible Hours

    Everyone on the team is on slightly different schedules, and we are comfortable with people working from home.

  • Health Insurance

    We pay for 100% of our employee's health insurance (our plan is a silver plan offered through the NY healthcare marketplace)

  • Generous Vacation

    We have an unlimited vacation and sick-day policy: we don't track the number of days you take off, and as long as you coordinate with your team, and are doing okay at your job, you're welcome to take time off. We haven't been tracking metrics on this, but in practice people take about 3 - 4 weeks off per year.

  • Beautiful Office

    We work out of a WeWork in Union Square, which has free beer and coffee, a modern office space, tons of events and social activities, exercise classes, and more. (We may move in the next year depending on team growth, but we'd aim for a similarly-nice environment)

  • Team Activities

    We do team dinners, drinks, and other fun excursions!

  • Work from Home

    See flexible hours above. The only commitment we currently have is one 11 am team meeting on Monday mornings.

  • Relocation

    If you're coming from out of state and need relocation assistance, we can discuss this as part of your offer package.

Our Team by the Numbers

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