Software Engineer -- Core Platform

New York, NY, United States


Role Location

  • New York, NY, United States


26 - 50 people


33 Irving Pl
New York, NY, 10003, US

Tech Stack

  • Node.js
  • CoffeeScript
  • AWS
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis

Role Description

As a software engineer working on our core platform, you'll work directly with the founders to design and implement product improvements and backend technologies.

You'll engage with the full Bubble stack, including our AWS infrastructure automation, our database layer and web servers, our web-based editor UI, and the Bubble language interpreter, which is implemented in CoffeeScript and runs on our servers and in our users' web browsers.

Bubble is a cross between a new programming language, a cloud operating system, a visual design tool, and a PaaS business. It's largely uncharted territory, so we are looking for someone who is passionate about learning new technology, and creative enough to help us design and scale what we intend to be the software development platform of the future.

We believe in keeping the team small via aggressive automation. We ship code multiple times per day. As a profitably-bootstrapped company, we make decisions quickly and focus on the long-term vision. If this sounds appealing, we'd love to talk to you!

We are looking for someone who ● has extensive programming experience, including mastery of at least one and ideally several programming languages ● is an excellent technical communicator, and is comfortable documenting and explaining their work to colleagues and to the outside world ● has built and shipped code used by other people and enjoys seeing the impact of their work

Additionally, the following are not hard requirements, but we value ● leadership experience ● experience working with large production codebases ● familiarity with the specific technologies in our stack: AWS, Node.js, CoffeeScript, Postgres, Redis, HTML / CSS, git

This is a full-time position. We work out of a co-working space in Manhattan. We expect to make offers in the range of $100 - $140K with equity, depending on experience.

About Bubble

Bubble is a visual programming tool for the web. Build, launch, and run fully custom, production-ready software applications without having to write a single line of code.

Our customers are entrepreneurs, businesses, and students who want to quickly launch web applications without the high costs and slow delivery times of traditional software development. Bubble completely replaces an engineering team for software product development: our users have built complete crowdfunding platforms, marketplaces, social networks, line of business applications, and thousands of other use cases, all without writing any code.

In addition to a visual programming language, Bubble provides a platform as a service: we host and scale customer applications without our customers having to manage their own infrastructure. Customers maintain full control of their applications and can rapidly iterate them as their needs evolve.

Company Culture

We're friendly and low-ego: we believe in treating each other and our users well, and we're doing this because we love this and think it's important, not because we want to be famous (though if it helps more users find us, we're happy to get good press!)

We're results-oriented, not input-oriented: we don't care when people show up or leave, and are fine with people working from home: what we care about is shipping product.

We move fast: if we disagree about a feature direction, we'll default to trying it out in a quick, low-risk way. And we're qualitative rather than quantitative: we believe in using quantitative metrics to detect problems, but we don't believe in using them to steer the ship. We manage the company against how happy our users are and how proud we are of what we are building.

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