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Canopy uses on-device machine learning to understand what you like in order to predict what you’ll love. Every day our app will send you a handful of new recommendations.

Your personal data stays on your phone, in your hands. Canopy doesn’t see your personal information or track your behavior. We don’t know your activity or your history—in fact, there’s not even a sign-up. No login required.

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Why join us?

  • Our team has built and grown big hits such as Spotify's Daily Mix and Instagram's feed. Our advisors, David Blei and Ben Recht, have worked on or invented what are now the core parts of your personalized internet experience in 2018. We've done this before.

  • People already understand our story and are eagerly awaiting the launch of our app:

  • Our founder, Brian Whitman, co-founded The Echo Nest, a music recommendation startup that sold to Spotify in 2014 for $100M. The Echo Nest's technology powers many of Spotify's discovery features.

Engineering at Canopy

Engineering team and processes

We're at that fun size we can get away just talking to each other with very little process. We have standup once a day. We code review every change. Code review is not the place to prove how smart you are or to have style fights. It's a chance to learn and ask questions. We all have to have our hands in a bit of everything, which means we all have to know how everything works or how to figure it out.

Technical Challenges

We do not send personally-identifying data off your phone. This means that the processing you would typically do server-side has to happen on the phone. That means that everything from asking for recommendations, determining which articles a user read or which podcasts a user listened to, or even counting how many times a user has opened our app, has to preserve differential privacy. A lot of the processing companies typically do server-side has to open on the phone. This means that almost every problem we encounter is new and interesting.

Tech stack
Google Cloud
iOS Development

Working at Canopy

We're a grown-up startup. We value focus over hours spent in the office. We thank each other often and don't take ourselves too seriously. When we take time off, we turn off Slack and e-mail.

Perks & benefits
Our Team by the Numbers

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