API Engineer

Remote • $120k - $150k • 0.1% - 0.5%


Role Location

  • Remote


  • $120k - $150k
  • 0.1% - 0.5%


< 10 people


2093 Philadelphia Pike # 2745
Claymont, DE, 19703, US

Tech Stack

  • Node.js
  • Postgres
  • Serverless
  • React

Role Description

I'm looking for a developer who specializes in constructing beautiful API's. You obsess over the API inputs, outputs, response codes, and overall customer experience of those that use your API's. You are the first person to see where the API docs need to be improved and take on any challenges in creating the right documentation.

You are someone who is elegant and articulate in everything you do. You love more than anything working on a team to solve large technical challenges that have not been solved before, and to do it in a way that is maintainable and scalable.

We as a company are early and pivot fast and personally I dont have a high tolerance for technical or engineering process debts. We pay our debts, and get all the humdrum out of the way so we can get right to the heart of the issues to make real and lasting impact.

We use Node, postgres, and serverless.

We make and sell access to our API's. Our livelihood is based on our routes doing what they say they should in a safe, reliable, and accurate manner. Our customers are other Fin-Techs who, they and their partners, make calls to our API to tell us about changes and to request current statuses of their accounts.

You are incredibly precise with your words and code. You say what you mean and mean what you say. IE what is a day? is it really 24 hours? what about daylight savings time? you are someone who will challenge any fuzzy details you see to ensure that unclear grooming does not lead to messy code.

We try to strike a balance between not re-inventing the wheel and not having too many extra libraries. We spend an enormous amount of energy making sure that our architecture is clearly laid out and that each route is short, sweet, and right to the point.

We currently use node severless, and have a lambda for each and every rest verb per route.

Our ideal person is someone that has worked in Fin-Tech before. Re-pouring a payment across multiple line items and line item dispute offsets are a heck of a thing.

If I were to sum up our backend in just a few words I'd call it a time-series based, immutable, graph based, system of record, with event replay, that takes as input time-based functions or event-based functions that do x.

Things I'll be looking for in your background when you apply: Do you put the team first 99.99% of the time? Do you have a git with code I can see? Do you have public references? Do you have experience working remote? Do you have experience in companies that make and sell API's? Do you have experience in startups? Do you have experience with serverless? Do you have experience with node? Do you have experience with postgres? Are you involved in public conversations about modern day engineering? Are you involved in public conversations about the future of how API's should work? Do you have public documentation for API that you personally wrote?

About Canopy

We make API's for Fin-Techs that allow them to create new and innovative products.

Some examples of the gnarly technical challenges that we think about: Immutability, Time Series, Re-playability, Graphs, Recursion, ACID.

Minimizing Tech and Process debts.

Since we, by trade help make heavily convoluted topics easy to work with, clarity of thought and precision of words are key to our success. We mean what we say and say what we mean, in code and in day to day life.

Company Culture

One of the main reasons we started Canopy was because we were tired of being slowed down by traditional companies. We work hard, not because we have to, but because we are pushing technology to new places, and creating long lasting impact in the world because of it.

We stand on the shoulders of giants, so that we can enjoy solving big gnarly challenges.

We look at our employees as olympic athletes. We hire the best of the best in a given area, and do everything in our power to help them win the gold medal, but at the end of the day the person running the race is you.

We are a very honest company. We ultimately want as little politics, bureaucracy, and red tape as possible, but we do put a large amount of energy into team communication and connectedness.

We will get together, plan an approach, try it out, and make adjustments together. The team is constantly running experiments to see what works best for all of us.

We expect you to be able to both coach others and be coached by others.

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