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Caplight operates the first-ever marketplace for financial derivatives of pre-IPO equity. Institutional investors ranging from hedge funds and VC funds to private endowments use Caplight to place institutional-sized derivative deals.

Active Roles

Why join us?

  • Be part of the founding team! We're looking for passionate folks to join who want to build something new - both a product and a company. As one of the earliest team members, you'll have a huge influence in the direction of our product & engineering strategies and processes, as well as the overall company culture.

  • We've got a big vision at Caplight — to build a robust & liquid derivatives marketplace for the $10 trillion alternative asset class. The founding team members previously built out a (non-derivatives) marketplace for pre-IPO stock that today does several billion dollars in trading volume. We believe the opportunity for a successful marketplace for private tech equity is even greater with derivatives.

  • Huge revenue opportunity! We take a 2-5% commission off the deals we broker and typical transaction sizes range from $10m to over $100m.

Engineering at Caplight

Engineering team and processes

Our engineering team is currently one person: our co-founder and CTO. You'll work alongside him to develop the structure and processes for the team as we grow. We do not have any dedicated product team members, so a key part of the engineering workflow is figuring out what to build and ensuring alignment with our high-level vision for the product. Once we have determined the features we're building, we have our design team create some high-fidelity beautiful mocks in Figma. We then get to work building!

As our team grows, we'll be reviewing eachother's code via PRs, while balancing fast delivery. Given how early we are, we are deeply about time-to-ship and are fairly light on processes that slow us down without improving quality.

We use Github as our code repo & deploy to Firebase for hosting with automated production / staging deployment scripts.

Technical Challenges

Our toughest technical challenge is building the storage structure, data pipeline, and access APIs for daily public stock equity and options data, dating back over 10 years. This data is needed for a crucial part of our platform, namely allowing users to do analysis on private company derivatives with a world of comparable public ticker data at their fingertips.

Projects you might work on
  • You'll be responsible for owning the 'private markets data' product, which is the foundation for several parts of the business. Private market trading data will need to be pulled in on a regular basis from various data providers we've partnered with and stored in a database you design. From there, we'll need to display the appropriate data to clients as they look at the derivative deals on the Caplight platform. You'll be responsible for identifying the client's core use cases and figuring out which data to show them, how and when to show it, and building the feature.

  • The deals on the Caplight platform range from $20m to over $100m in their size. It's no surprise that clients like to negotiate as much as possible when doing such large transactions. We'll be building a deal-negotiating product into our platform that draws on both game theory concepts and learnings from our conversations with users.

Tech stack

Working at Caplight

The team today is small but seasoned. We're experts in our industry, but approach our product decisions with humility. We learn something new and insightful about our clients each week.

At Caplight, we like to balance hustle and quality. We pride ourselves on fast execution, extreme accountability, and measured progress towards our objectives. But we also set aside time for deep strategic thought, focused creative work, and polishing our output.

If we had to pick one word to describe ourselves, it would be passionate. We meticulously learn from our mistakes while celebrating our wins like there's no tomorrow. We have a sense of extreme trust amongst the team and are deliberately building a company unburdened by bureaucracy, politics, bloat, or excessive communication overhead. Beyond that, our culture is still being formed. Come help us shape it.

Diversity and Inclusion

We value diversity of ideas and opinions first and foremost. This often means bringing in people from vastly different backgrounds to join us on our journey.

Our goal is to create family-like community at Caplight where every employee not only feels welcome but also feels empowered to have their opinions heard and weighed as we make important strategic decisions. Even though we are enabling the team to work remotely, we aim to bring folks together for in-person work or offsites multiple times per year.

Perks & benefits
  • Work from Home
  • Company Retreats

    We're big proponents of offsites to build a cohesive team. The next offsite location could even be your decision!

  • Flexible Hours
  • Team Activities

    If you work out of our San Francisco HQ you'll get to join us for lunches, afternoon hikes, and volunteering.

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