Silicon valley
11 - 25 employees
< 10 engineers
$1m - $2m funding

CarDash is a tech company that makes automotive repair and maintenance as convenient and transparent as possible. We give an up-front price, pick up the vehicle from the customer, bring it to one of our service center partners, and return it to the customer same-day.

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Why join us?

  • We're experiencing fast growth — We've seen almost 20% week over week growth for the last several months. We're building a product that people want.

  • You'll play an important role in building our product — As far as the tech goes, we have about 90% greenfield development ahead of us. Most of our systems remain unbuilt. If you join us, you'll get to make key product decisions.

  • We make sure our engineers aren't pigeonholed — We've made a conscious effort to write good documentation and make new engineer onboarding as seamless as possible. Everything (for the most part) is JavaScript: React frontend web, React Native native mobile, Node and Node Lambda (via Serverless) for most of our APIs. It should be pretty easy for someone to go from frontend to backend to native in just a few days, so engineers can work on things that interest them and won't get pigeonholed.

Engineering at CarDash

Technical Challenges

Currently, the biggest technical challenge in this industry is in pricing, which is totally arbitrary. We're working on aggregating data sources to get more accurate pricing.

Tech stack
React Native

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