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Car sales

Why join us?

  • We are a very reputable buissness and have been profitable over the last 30 years

  • We are now looking to develop a smart mobile app that can intergate with our internal system

  • We are only looking for the best engineers for this job

Engineering at cars

Projects you might work on
  • You would get to work on our current achrchiture and internal system and link it to the ios/andoid app

  • You would be building IOS and android app from scratch

    1. QR code at entrance directing customers to down load the app.
    2. Read the QR codes on all cars to pick up data.
    3. Customers to be able to view cars in stock and its data (car sales search page data).
    4. Customers to sign into the app
    5. Should customers have cars on their watch list or know what cars they want to view the app will tell customers where the exact location of the car is. Each car on site will have a specific location.
    6. If car is being moved or sold it would say on app
    7. Customers that have watch list cars, notification shown that the car is no longer available
    8. Should car be reduced, app to send notification of reduction
    9. Should car be made available app to notify car now available.
    10. Customers have the ability to request the keys of the car. In doing so customers would be required to upload their driving license and fill in the CRF details equired.
    11. Customers would require to verify either there phone number or email through a pin system to verify their details.
    12. Each customer would have their unique customer number or QR code to enable through the whole process.
    13. By requesting a key, system would alert the office to make vehicle keys ready to fast track, car viewings queues reduced and waiting time.
    14. Customer to see what advisor they are being helped by including staff picture.
    15. Customer would see Point of sale material on the app while looking at the car.
    16. Customers can write what they didn't like on the app (rfnb) before handing the keys back.
    17. Customer can enter their PX details should they require PX. Also have option to upload pictures of the PX of required fields for offsite valuation.
    18. Should customer to be on site app will tell customer where to drop car off and who to see
    19. Should customer require finance, ability to enter basic details, inform customer where to go to see BM.
    20. BM's can call customer to be seen through the app and customer will get notification where to go.
    21. Should customer request a test drive, app will force driving license details and alert controller / SA of customer request.
    22. Should customer require assistance ability to request through the app.
    23. Customer could have the option to add feedback also on the car based on condition as buyers can review
    24. Should customer want to purchase they can put a purchase request on site and will indicate to customer where to go and who to see.
    25. Should customer not be on site ability to leave reservation.
    26. Px customer could be notified about documents they require for px and sign px sign off through the app
    27. Finance would be able to communicate with customers when finance is accepted or should they require any further assistance.
    28. Docs could be sent and signed through the app
    29. Sales order will be placed on the app
    30. Customers will be alerted before their collection time and docs need to be sent (picture taken)
    31. Collections can request ID and payments. Could sent MSG to customer if there be any delays.
    32. Customer would be able to leave feedback on app or directed to review centre
    33. Should customer require aftersales help then they can request assistance instead of calling in for a call back.
    34. Sale advisors would be able to track customers they are serving and respond to assistance
    35. Chat box with customer service department
Tech stack
SQL Server

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