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$2M - $5M Funding
Pre-Series A

We're building a data platform for unifying, modeling, and publishing customer info to help companies grow.

Why join us?

  • Our team has already built & sold a successful startup and lead teams at Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Dropbox.

  • We're funded by Andreesen Horowitz and some of the best angel investors in Silicon Valley who all understand how critical Census is for modern SaaS companies.

  • We're building a foundational platform for driving growth. Whether people want to improve their marketing & sales or unlock advanced insights via AI – you always need an accurate, complete record of customers!

Engineering at Census

Engineering team and processes

Our engineering team is the heart of the company and interacts directly with product, design, and operations. We run weekly sprints (on a physical board!) where the whole team has input on priorities and non-engineering tasks are included on the backlog. Engineers aren't silo'ed into a specific subsystem, you will touch every part of the infrastructure at some point, even interacting with our customers to validate features are delivering value. Our team is made up of Google/Amazon/MS veterans so we employ git, code reviews, pull requests, unit tests, and continuous deployment (we love Heroku and AWS Lambda). Speaking of deployment, we think it's important for anyone to be able to deploy to production in seconds – the secret is embracing easy rollback!

Technical Challenges

Census has to manage moving data at massive scale quickly. Data models are always changing, which makes it even more difficult. Finally, since we're moving data between heterogeneous systems, we need to build scalable abstractions.

Projects you might work on
  • Abstraction layer over dozens of SaaS APIs (basically building your own GraphQL)

  • Magic job scheduler that moves data from sources based on detected change trends over time

Tech stack
Ruby on Rails
Google Cloud

Working at Census

We're a tight-knit team of engineers who care about why we build software as much as what or how. We like to start by building the smallest possible version of a feature & iterate in the open with our customers. We operate the company in the open and everyone has input on the product roadmap. The line between engineering, design, product, and even sales is fuzzy. Engineers are involved in customer conversations and ensuring that their work gets deployed and activated.

Perks & benefits
  • Free Food

    We're a team who loves to go for lunch outside of the office every day.

  • Maternal/Paternal Leave

    We've got parents on the founding team and offer generous parental leave packages.

  • Health Insurance

    We provide full medical and dental coverage.

  • Transportation

    We offer a monthly commuter benefit and we're always experimenting with new commute vehicles (we're big fans of dockless bikes).

  • Flexible Hours

    Most of our team is in the office by 10am for our daily standup meeting but it's not a hard rule and we've become excellent users of video meetings!

  • Generous Vacation

    We have a flexible vacation policy – take time off when you need it. We don't have a hard limit but we do expect everyone to take 2 weeks off!

  • Work from Home

    If you need to work from home, that's always OK with us. Slack & Zoom are part of our every day workflow.

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