51 - 100 employees
11 - 25 engineers
$5m - $10m funding
Series b

Chartio is on a mission to democratize data and enable anyone in an organization to make more informed decisions. That means building an intuitive application that helps customers build beautiful visualizations.

Chartio is changing how companies work by building the best visualization interface for data. We make connecting to data easy and building dashboards intuitive, so anyone on a team can create beautiful charts and uncover meaningful insights on their own.

We have an efficient team of pragmatic developers writing software simply to handle complex problems. We maintain minimal technical debt, choose vetted tools and libraries for a job, and exchange complexity for flexibility. By doing so we out iterate teams 10-40x our size.

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Active Roles

Why join us?

  • Inspiring Mission - Our mission is to enable anyone in a company (not just the data team) to be able to explore and understand their data. The real bottlenecks in improving businesses, lives and the world around us with data is in accessibility and ease of exploration. We're tackling that bottleneck.

  • Customer Focused — We have thousands of avid users engaged in our product and we have a never ending set of exciting features to build for them. Our engineering team partners with product management, sales, marketing, and customer success to ensure everything we build addresses a customer need.

  • Profitable - We're customer funded with over 800 customers. Our largest customer is less than 2% of our revenue, so we're incentivized to focus on solving real problems that the majority of our customers care about.

  • Great Team — Our company is at a great size - enabling individuals to have massive impacts on the business while also providing room for creativity and focus. We hire for quality not quantity and try to ensure everyone we bring on board aligns with our core values

  • Low Technical Debt and Good Process - We focus on keeping technical debt low, with simple architecture, high quality automated tests, good build processes, and constructive code reviews. It's never been a better time to build more features into Chartio, and we keep it that way.

Engineering at Chartio

Engineering team and processes

Our engineering, product, and design teams work closely together on a two week cycle that loosely follows Scrum methodologies. We start each cycle with a planning meeting reviewing the top priority stories or bugs. Work throughout the sprint is a collaborative effort with engineering, design, and product management working closely on each story.

We have a high bar for quality. Each change is code reviewed and run through an automated build before merging and deploying to production. Our engineering team is responsible for much of our automated testing using unit and integration tests in parallel to our QA teams functional test suite.

Technical Challenges

The biggest technical challenge at Chartio is scaling our system while enabling customers to write arbitrary queries. We execute millions of queries an hour that return gigabytes of data and we have to continually improve our query processing to scale with our customer growth.

Another interesting challenge is creating a high performance UI for our customers. We take a different approach than others - generating SVGs on the backend enabling Chartio to support hundreds of charts on a given dashboard, leverage caching at numerous levels.

Lastly, we obsess over every user interaction with Chartio. Our goal is to build the most intuitive analytics interface on the planet and that means working closely with designers and customers to create the simplest possible interface that meets the customer need.

Projects you might work on
  • We are always expanding the data sources we support at Chartio, allowing customers to access data across numerous databases and applications through Chartio. We recently added Google Sheets support as well as support for 34 applications such as Stripe, Salesforce, and HubSpot. Chartio is always looking to expand our supported datasources and the future includes support sources like MongoDB, Cassandra, and additional applications.

  • Expanding our visualizations is always a top priority. Maps are one area that are fairly basic today but we plan to greatly enhance in the future. We need our map visualizations to be much more interactive, supporting zoom in and out, easier ways to manage data points, and scale well across various device types.

  • Processing millions of queries and gigabytes of data every hour is challenging. We are always improving our query processing architecture looking for ways to increase our throughput to meet customer demands. We plan to rethink our messaging architecture and our job processing to leverage new tools like Docker, AWS Batch, and AWS ECS.

Tech stack
React JS

Working at Chartio

We have a pragmatic, low ego, intelligent and humorous culture. We are at a size where everyone still knows everyone else and we are all working together to build a great company and product. Engineering frequently works directly with sales, customer success, marketing, and customers to make sure we are truly deliver on the customer needs.

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation

    Chartio has an unlimited vacation policy. This generally looks like 4-6 weeks of leave per year.

  • Free Food

    Catered lunch every day. Well stocked kitchen with requests taken.

  • Maternal/Paternal Leave

    3 months for mothers, and 1 month for fathers.

  • Health Insurance

    We've got top of the line health insurance and offer 100% coverage of dependents.

  • Team Activities

    Sailing, lunches, mini-golf, happy hours... all the fun stuff.

  • Workshops/Conferences

    We support our engineers attending conferences, workshops, and meet ups regularly, especially when in the Bay Area.

  • Work from Home

    While we prefer everyone to come in to the office, we recognize working from home is a necessity and we try to accommodate. It's common from engineers to work one day a week from home.

  • Beautiful Office

    We're located in the heart of San Francisco in the financial district. Just two blocks from the Montgomery St. BART makes commuting to Chartio a breeze.

  • Transportation

    We have some transit assistance programs for commuters to assist with commuting expenses.

Our Team by the Numbers

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