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101 - 250 employees
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$100m+ funding
Series d

ClassDojo's mission is to give every child on Earth an education they love.

We started by building a network that connects teachers, children, and families. ClassDojo’s flagship app is the #1 communication app connecting K-8 teachers, children, and families, globally. They use it to share what’s happening throughout the day through photos, videos, messages, and activities. It is actively used at an unprecedented scale: in over 95% of US schools, reaching ~51 million children in ~180 countries. We are now beginning to use this network to give kids the best learning experiences in the world, far beyond those a standard school can provide.

We hire for talent density. Our team comprises the most talented, entrepreneurial, and innovative teammates from around the world, with deep backgrounds in education and large scale consumer internet, including Instagram, Netflix, Dropbox, Uber, Y Combinator, and more. We’re building a company where the most talented people want to work. We believe you’ll do the best work of your life here—and you’ll pioneer the future of education, too.

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Active Roles

Why join us?

  • Y-Combinator funded

  • Used by 95% of K-8 schools in the US, and over 180 countries

Engineering at Classdojo

Engineering team and processes

Collaboration is something we're big on, it's one of our core eng values. We do some variety of pair programming or mob programming pretty regularly. Onboarding is done with extensive pair programming. We also swarm on problems, so we don't have team members working on different projects, everyone works on the same thing, so we're always sharing context of what we are working on.

Work/life balance is very healthy for a startup. We don't use deadlines for anything other than the one we can't help when our back-to-school rush happens (Mid August through the end of October). We make sure to start that work early each year so that there isn't crunch time. After-hours work isn't encouraged or expected. Humanity is also one of our core eng values, and with that we prioritize making our lives better and not suffering through things that aren't working

Code reviews are done as needed. Anything substantial gets a review by someone else on the team, usually done immediately with a request on slack. If there's low risk, we'll push it and deploy and get a code review afterwards, so we don't block things on code review unless the author is concerned about something and wants feedback.

Ownership is shared by a team, it's another one of our core eng values. We want the team to collectively own their entire product so that they don't have requirements that are on other teams. Nobody owns the code to the extent that they can prevent someone else from working on it.

Roadmaps are owned by the team and we try to keep them small. Long roadmaps are never executed on in an organization like ours that is learning as they go, so we don't bother with a long and detailed one.

Technical Challenges

1) We're going through a lot of growth right now and we have many challenges involved with scaling our infrastructure.

2) Our software runs across three different platforms; web, iOS and Android. Keeping everything in sync and maintaining these presents many interesting challenges.

Projects you might work on
  • Grow # of teachers engaging parents by doubling down on our existing products

  • Win sharing home in the new classroom paradigm of shared and 1:1 devices

Tech stack
iOS Development

Working at Classdojo

Here at ClassDojo, you see a lot of effort put into both functional team and company principles. The ones that really stand out to me though are that the company really emphasizes helping everyone be continuously improving (every team does a retrospective every couple weeks, issues log, and blameless post mortem) and that they heavily encourage people to take on more responsibility, while giving them the autonomy to really run with their tasks in the way they see fits.

Perks & benefits
  • Free Food
  • Health Insurance
  • Work from Home
  • Flexible Hours
  • Team Activities
  • Maternal/Paternal Leave
  • Generous Vacation
  • Workshops/Conferences
Our Team by the Numbers

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