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ClearBrain (YC W18) is a startup building the first self-serve AI platform for growth marketing.

We help companies automatically predict and retarget users when they are most likely to purchase. Fortune 1000 companies use ClearBrain’s automated machine learning platform to personalize ads, emails, and push notifications to millions of users every week - as effectively as Uber or Google.

We’re led by the founding engineers of Google Ads and Optimizely’s data infrastructure team, and backed by investors in Dropbox, Optimizely, and AdMob. We’re a deeply technical team who value humility and customer empathy above all. As a group we’re also pretty good at bowling, HQ Trivia, and Rubik’s cubes.

We are building an advanced data science platform with the challenge of making it accessible to a smart, capable clientele of growth experts that demands ease of use, utility, high availability and good responsiveness. You’ll join a small, and highly effective group of engineers that’s building for the future. As one of our early engineers, you'll have impact on the architecture, product design, and technical roadmap.

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Why join us?

  • Opportunity to work on an ambitious goal - automating machine learning for the masses.

  • Highly technical and engineering driven team - we were the founding engineers on Google Ads, Optimizely, Uber's data infrastructure teams.

  • We're processing terabytes of data and recommending actions for ~ 20% of the US population. One of the few opportunities to solve Google level problems outside of Google.

Engineering at ClearBrain, Inc.

Engineering team and processes

We are an engineering-heavy team, currently 70% of the company!

All members of the team participate directly in weekly sprint planning, monthly long-term planning, and have the opportunity to talk directly with our customers. Engineers usually own somewhat large projects with autonomy from start to finish, supported by the larger team. We follow one-week sprints, daily stand ups, and weekly sprint reviews (a light version of agile). We use continuous integration and deployment pervasively, do code reviews, automated linting/style, etc. We could probably be better at unit testing. :-) Overall, we strive for a rapid prototyping culture while keeping the bar for quality reasonably high and raising it over time.

The team is flat as you'd expect for our size: as of now all engineering team members report directly to our CTO and frequently work directly the CEO and COO.

Technical Challenges

So many it's hard to choose!

1) Scaling data size / complexity: Over time our customer data sets grow monotonically - and we continue to add more and larger customers. Our pipeline has to scale to handle large datasets (terabytes), changes to any given dataset (new sources / features within a customer), and adding new features for specific use cases. These have been fun and exciting challenges to implement, and we actively work on this problem!

2) Generating high-quality models: As a self-service tool, customers can and do create dozens of predictive audiences in our product. Processing data to generate useful features and building high quality models economically with minimal engineering cost is a very challenging and interesting area of work for us.

3) Automating complex flows: We don't stop at just plumbing (data in / predictions out), but have progressed to start building more complex workflows such as test / control and predictive bidding where we can have measurable impact on our customers' goals, and save them the pain of manually implementing campaigns on top of models.

Projects you might work on
  • We are redesigning several of the main flows through our frontend application. We've recently switched to webpack and are building new components in React (for example, signup and settings have been done in the past few weeks). There are a number of smaller individual projects here that give a frontend engineer a chance to have a huge impact on our product, customers, and team productivity!

  • We are building a test / control holdout framework for our customers to validate the impact of models on their goals. Much of our feature development is directly informed by our customers, and often involve a bit of research into new technology (APIs, infrastructure) and some creative work (frontend development, workflow design)

  • Building a feature X that helps customers acquire net new users, this is a high-impact project that involves frontend work, data pipeline and ML scaling, and backend, we'll be working on subparts of the project as a team over a number of weeks.

Tech stack
Apache Spark

Working at ClearBrain, Inc.

We have developed an open, highly collaborative environment. We move fast and set ambitious goals: and surprise ourselves by achieving them a lot of the time! Our product is unique in that it is heavily focused on data science, while servicing the needs of users that may not be experts in data science themselves, so having great customer empathy is an important aspect of our culture, and we work on understanding our customers better every week.

We value growth, often expecting ourselves to stretch a bit for a project and learn a new technology or method of doing something, so that we can be more effective in the long run, and democratize the superpowers our systems and team gain by putting them into the hands of our customers!

Perks & benefits
  • Free Food

    Catered lunch twice a week

  • Pet Friendly
  • Health Insurance
  • Transportation

    $200 monthly commuter stipend for Uber, Lyft, Muni, Caltrain, Bart

  • Generous Vacation

    3 weeks PTO; unlimited sick days

  • Work from Home

    We work from home one day per week, on Tuesdays.

Our Team by the Numbers

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