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Only 24% of Americans are considered financially literate and an estimated 60% of Americans want a financial plan but can't afford it.

Clerkie is an AI Financial Planner for the 123M underserved Americans looking for answers. After a year of product testing and validation with thousands of struggling middle-class individuals, it became clear that users needed more than fancy charts and dashboards. They needed answers.

Clerkie uses conversational AI to build in-depth financial knowledge graphs that provide personalized answers and actionable plans for everyday Americans trying to achieve their financial goals.

Our mission is to democratize financial health and provide all individuals with an actionable path to financial security.

Why join us?

  • Founded by Stanford grads, our team brings deep experience from years in engineering, finance and startups. Over the past 12 months we have helped thousands achieve their financial goals and built up a robust training data set for Clerkie, the AI-powered financial advisor

  • Exciting time to join an early stage AI/FinTech company. We recently raised a large seed round from well-known investors and we're expanding the engineering team as we focus on the next stage of growth.

  • We're deeply committed to our mission of helping family and individuals achieve financial stability and as a consumer tech company, you'll be working everyday have a positive impact on our users.

Engineering at Clerkie

Engineering team and processes

Time is the #1 enemy of startups. We believe is moving quickly and removing distractions as much as possible. Our engineering team is currently split into a few teams: (1) mobile/ front-end, (2) Back-end, (3) Machine Learning.

We are agile and work on two-week sprints with short daily stand-ups. We rely on each individual (and team) to own on their core responsibilities and trust each other to deliver.

We’re always striving to live into our mission of providing personalized financial answers and being the best AI financial assistant on the market. As such we’re incredibly user-focused and data-driven – we leverage these insights to adjust our roadmap and prioritize product development. All members of the team are encouraged to engage in these conversations.

Technical Challenges
  • Processing a large number of chat messages from users using NLP/ML: we’re building out the models to classify intents and entities correctly and setting up the systems to keep up with and stay ahead of our growth.
  • Providing users with financial recommendations based on vast amounts of data: leveraging insights from a users’ transaction history using ML, aggregating users’ account to provide a holistic view of their finances and life situation, using chat messages to help inform the types of recommendations that are most useful to users and codifying personal finance best-practices to deliver personalized recommendations at scale.
  • Gathering and analyzing information from our systems to foster a data-driven approach to product development: incorporating a variety of data sources and details to paint an accurate picture of user behaviors/needs.
Projects you might work on
  • Building an intent classifier for incoming chat requests - our goal was to correctly classify user requests and perform the desired action on the BE systems - required collaboration between BE and ML to deliver a solution that would not only understand what the user is asking for, but also take action on behalf of the user (e.g., “Pay my Comcast bill today”) - example steps included: identify the user would like to pay their Comcast bill today, send the funds from the user’s account to Comcast - FE was involved to provide an interface that was intuitive for the user to navigate if more information was required (e.g., if the user forgets to provide a date, the FE should prompt the user)

  • Cash flow prediction - our goal was to predict a user’s spending based on their previous transaction/account history - required analyzing a user’s transaction history to build a model for how their account balance would fluctuate over time. One critical component was the ability to identify a user’s recurring bills and income

  • Automated savings - our goal was to create a simple and intuitive solution for users to be able to automatically save - collaboration between FE and BE to give users a way to automate their savings - FE built out an interface for the users to customize their piggy bank and select how much/often they’d like to set aside funds - BE designed and created the rules for how funds would be set aside each day based on a user’s account information (e.g., set aside $5 anytime I spend money on entertainment) & integrated with a banking API to setup the piggy bank and transfer money

Tech stack

Working at Clerkie

We are customer-focused and believe in customer obsession We stay in our lane and trust our peers to get their job done We accept that speed matters in business, and we never get comfortable We are scrappy and frugal; we take pride and being good stewards of capital We are humble and keep our cards close to the vest We are direct We are ambitious and mission-driven We hire the best person for the job AND the company We are a caring meritocracy, and remain vigilant against conscious and unconscious bias We lead by example and believe that actions speak louder than words

Perks & benefits
  • Beautiful Office

    We're located close to the CalTrain (7th and Brannan) and take pride in our office being a beautiful place where we can focus when we need to get work done but also a place where we can collaborate and have fun as a group. We will continue to spend time (including team events) making the space our own and adding new elements as we grow.

  • Health Insurance

    We provide full medical coverage (Anthem Gold PPO plan) and offer dental/vision as well

  • Team Activities

    We love going to the local arcade as a group to celebrate as a team and we have beers on our roof on Fridays. Each new team member brings a new favorite hobby and we all like trying new things together.

Our Team by the Numbers

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