Clever Real Estate

51 - 100 employees
< 10 engineers
$10m - $25m funding
Series b

We help folks save money on real estate commissions while connecting them with the best real estate agents in their area.

Our concierge team of licensed real estate experts answers customers' questions, offer advice, and learn exactly what they're looking for in an agent. We decide which agents to recommend based on customers' specific goals and needs. They get to meet each agent and decide which one they'd like to work with. They can also request to be introduced to more agents if they don't feel they've found a fit.

In all cases, our service is completely free for customers. We make money by taking a percentage of the commission made by the real estate agent. Agents happily pay this in exchange for the consistent deal-flow that we send their way.

Since our inception in 2017 we've helped homeowners buy and sell over a billion dollars in real estate, while saving over $50,000,000 in real estate fees.

We've built a product that helps consumers save thousands, while providing a consistent source of business for great agents.

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Active Roles

Why join us?

  • We have a learning-focused culture and value a growth mindset.

  • The internally facing products we build on Engineering are a force-multiplier for the productivity of our concierge team.

    Our Agent Matching Platform enables our small in-house team to connect hundreds of customers to real estate agents each week.

  • We have a deep respect for people. We believe that Engineering is a team sport and actively avoid playing hero ball.

  • We're committed to seamless remote work. We have remote-first meetings where everyone, including co-located folks, join via their own laptops.

  • We regularly pair program. Not just when we're stuck on bugs!

Engineering at Clever Real Estate

Engineering team and processes

The Engineering org is composed of three sub-teams: the Platform Team, the Website Team, and the Analytics Team.

The Platform Team builds and maintains our Agent Matching Platform, which connects customers to real estate agents. They also build and maintain our Agent Portal, where agents provide updates to us about the status of their deals.

The Website Team builds and maintains our website, which accounts for roughly 50% of our incoming customers. (and counting!)

The Analytics Team helps measure the performance of the business.

Technical Challenges

We've built (and are continuing to refine) an agent recommendation system that suggests which real estate agents a person should work with. This is currently an internal tool used by our sales team, but we're working towards making it an autonomous tool.

Projects you might work on
  • We built an agent recommendation engine that suggests which real estate agents a customer should be matched with. (It's a work in progress, and we could use your help to speed up its development!)

  • We built an update system that automatically reaches out to agents in our network and collects information on how deals are going so far. This allows our small customer success team to manage many deals efficiently and provide a peak customer experience.

  • We're shifting to Terraform as a way of describing our infrastructure as code. This will allow us to check in these declarative descriptions of our infra into version control.

Tech stack

Working at Clever Real Estate

We believe in shipping code frequently and measuring outcomes. We take a validated-learning approach to writing code.

We value having a bias towards action and a drive for documenting your work.

We love pair programming for sharing context, and we regularly invoke swarming — or, flash collaboration — to unblock each other. We believe that the improvement of daily work is work, and it should be at the forefront of our minds all of the time.


Here's an excerpt from our Blameless Post-Mortem template that is particularly illustrative of our team culture:

Remember: We're trying to prepare for a future where we're as humanly fallible as we are today. It's not productive for us to come out of this meeting with a decision tobe less stupidorbe more careful". Rather, we should try to identify fool-proof countermeasures that we can use to avoid issues in the future. This may involve an automated system or a documented process that captures organizational learning.

We should explicitly disallow the phrases would have and could have. It's much more productive to think about why we chose a course of action and what we'll do in the future to improve our incident prevention and response practices.

Finally, remember that this meeting is not about naming, blaming, and shaming others. It's about improving ourselves as a team."

Diversity and Inclusion

Clever's recruitment team aims to find top talent within colleges, social media groups, and job boards that reflect a diverse workforce.

Clever's DEI committee works to ensure that the company's recruitment activities, work culture, and daily practices keep in mind the teammates with a variety of backgrounds and identities.

Perks & benefits
  • Work from Home

    This position is remote. You can work from home (or wherever you want!)

  • Health Insurance

    We provide health, vision, and dental insurance.

  • Company Retreats

    Every 6-12 months, we get together at our HQ in St. Louis, Missouri for an all-hands trip. These trips help us build strong relationships that are the basis of our daily collaboration.

  • Generous Vacation

    Every teammate receives 18 days PTO, in addition to 8 paid company holidays.

  • Prioritizes diversity in hiring

    Clever has a designated DEI committee focused on developing strategies to source diverse talent, and ensuring Clever has an inclusive selection process.

Our Team by the Numbers

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