Climb Credit

26 - 50 employees
< 10 engineers
$5m - $10m funding
Series a

At Climb, we’re building a new type of student lending company: one that we would want to use and one that always finances an education benefiting the student.

We started Climb because the status quo for funding traditional higher education doesn't work. Students graduate deeply in debt, never earning enough to pay back their loans.

Climb is different. We work with leading schools and educational platforms around the country, scouring the nation to find the best sources of high ROI education - education that not only works, but is affordable. Our platform enables students to afford modern, transformative education delivered in an efficient and sustainable fashion.

Why join us?

  • We make every day count - for each day we come into the office, 20 people get to go to school

  • We have a fun culture, and we value thoughtfulness, mentorship, and balance

  • We've helped over 7000 students so far, and would love to work with you to serve the next 500,000!

Engineering at Climb Credit

Engineering team and processes

We operate on 2-week product development cycles and work closely with the rest of the team. We do not do work that is devoid of context.

Our engineering principles:

  • Leave things better than you found them We own the code, even the crappy parts. Everytime we touch something, we make it better for our future selves.

  • Keep moving forward If it’s better than what’s in production, bias to moving forward. That doesn’t mean releasing buggy code; it means good is better than perfect. Don’t rush - do things as fast as you can but no faster

  • Open Discussion Err on the side of over-communicating, but realize that people’s time is important Ask questions No topic is off limits

  • Support your teammates Help review each other’s code, test each other’s branches Be willing to reassign tasks per scheduling constraints

  • Balance Work/life: It’s a demanding job. Keep yourself mentally fresh. Understand how you work best so we can create the ideal conditions for you and the team. Code updates: Over-scoping is better than under-scoping, but don’t let it paralyze you. Be balanced when ‘leaving it better than you found it.’ A quick refactor or rearrangement is good, but a full rewrite of something should be its own project. Learn new tools, but choose when to use them wisely

  • Re-usability When doing something, think about how much work it’ll take for you (or someone else) to repeat it. There’s usually something you can do to make that easier.

  • Documentation Document your code. Over-documentation is better than under-documentation. Self-documenting code is best. Comments can lie, code (usually) doesn’t.

  • Develop as a developer Teach What You Learn Learn and adapt

  • Have fun!

Technical Challenges

We take the complexity out of figuring out if you can afford to go to school. Our system looks at student data and school outcomes and cross-matches them against complex financial structures and lending regulations, all so students can get financing for school in 4 minutes instead of 4 days

Projects you might work on
  • Help students find the right education for their needs. Leverage Climb’s dataset to create a discovery platform that helps students find the program that's the right fit for them.

  • Make it easy for students to find affordable financing by simplifying the application process - managing complex workflows across multiple stakeholders (students, schools, investors) so our students only have to worry about going to school.

  • Help us reach students who are new to credit by creating financial literacy tools to help them make informed decisions about their future.

Tech stack

Working at Climb Credit

Students first Our number one goal is to improve the lives of our students which means we make choices that create long-term value for students, especially when selecting our partner schools.

Thoughtful decisiveness We are smart about moving fast but also understand that there is no one-size-fits-all decision-making process. If a decision is reversible, we act swiftly. If a decision is irreversible, we act methodically, carefully, and with deliberation. We plan and build for the long term.

Continuous learning Learning the right skills can change someone’s life. We embody this by always striving to improve. We’re not afraid to try new paths and solutions. We challenge the status quo and are not afraid to have our own points of view challenged.

Collaboration and Trust We trust each other - and ourselves - to get things done together. We earn that trust by being communicative, transparent, and collaborative. We respect people’s time and opinions. We celebrate our wins and own our mistakes so we can get better next time.

Ownership and Perseverance It’s never not our problem. We always try and do the hardest thing on our list first, because chances are it’s the most important. Some days will be great and some days won’t, we’ll figure it out together.

Honesty, Transparency, and Integrity We value transparency and open discussion - no bad questions, no topic off limits. We’re here to grow Climb, and sometimes the uncomfortable discussions are what help us grow. We share feedback honestly and openly. We act with integrity by doing the right thing, even if it's not easy.

People make the company We are our company, and our growth is the company’s growth. We strive to build the best conditions possible for all of us to work together effectively. We keep it fun. We’re solving a large, exciting challenge. Problems are solved when people are genuinely excited by the process of coming up with the solutions.

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation
  • Work from Home
  • Flexible Hours
  • Team Activities
  • Health Insurance
  • Free Food
Our Team by the Numbers

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