Senior QA and Automation Engineer Role


Clipboard Health

Role Location

  • Remote


101 - 250 people


340 S Lemon Ave # 5028
Walnut, CA, 91789, US

Tech Stack

  • Node.js
  • React.js
  • Express
  • AWS
  • Terraform

Role Description

Why Clipboard Health Exists:

We exist to lift as many people up the socioeconomic ladder as possible. We dramatically improve lives, by letting healthcare professionals turn extra time and ambition into career growth and financial opportunity. We achieve this with our app-based marketplace that connects healthcare facilities and healthcare professionals, allowing healthcare professionals to book on-demand shifts and healthcare facilities to access on-demand talent. Our mission is to enable healthcare professionals to work when and where they want and to enable healthcare facilities to meet their talent needs.

About Clipboard Health:

Clipboard Health is a post-Series C, extremely fast-growing tech startup with classic two-sided network effects, revolutionizing the market for healthcare talent. We are a diverse and inclusive company with a global, remote team. We have been named one of YC’s Top Companies for two years running, and have grown 25x across all key metrics in the last 18 months. There has never been a more exciting time to join our growing team and help us serve even more healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities, who can then better serve patients. To learn more about the culture at Clipboard Health, take a look at our culture hub here.

What’s weird about working with us?

  • We care a lot. Our CEO spends substantial time regularly doing customer service, and many of our healthcare professionals and healthcare facility clients have her personal cell phone number.
  • We are globally distributed. Just on the engineering team, we have folks from: the United States, Chile, Mongolia, Turkey, India, Ukraine, Indonesia, Brazil, Columbia… and that’s just from folks who’ve joined us so far this year.
  • We take our values seriously: our COO literally has a handmade Curiosity Initiative and Ownership sign on his wall (you’ll see it if you video call him).
  • We have more engineers than we “need” on purpose. It makes us fast (many features go from idea to production in 2-4 weeks). It also allows small teams to see a problem, and just go fix it. A team went off and created a new SaaS product, another team rewrote a core service under a new architecture.
  • We highly value being a workplace without any “toes” to be stepped on. See a problem? Go ahead and fix it, you don’t need permission.
  • Why Senior QA & Automation Engineer?
  • A quick search on this role would tell you that a Senior QA & Automation Engineer is someone who can work effectively doing both manual and automation testing in a Sprint.
  • At CBH we are growing at a high pace and that means, we cannot afford to work in silos between manual and automation testers. Experience has shown that the quickest way to test and automate is when the person who “knows how the system works” is also the person who can “quickly automate it” at the next best opportunity (say in the early next sprint, when the workload is low).
  • Our goal is to have distributed QA presence in each Scrum team, where new Quality Engineers will be responsible for both testing and automating new features from their sprints. If you think this is you, then we will be happy to hear from you.

In this job, we expect that: You’re good at: - Juggling between both manual and automation testing. - Have a minimum of 5 years of experience in Automation and Manual testing. - Have hands-on experience using Java + Selenium - Love doing both types of testing, without feeling disinterest in one type or another. - Have a balanced experience doing both types of testing. - Have a clear understanding and experience of different types of testing such as (exploratory, integration, system, and end-to-end testing) - Have solid automation knowledge and experience writing clean code and designing readable/maintainable test frameworks. - Designing, building, and maintaining, mobile, web, and/or API test automation. - Proactive and clear communication with stakeholders to communicate product quality issues and identify root causes. - Participating in the full software development cycle from feature spec and design to deployment and release. - Passionate about writing clean and maintainable code.

Extra Awesome if you are: - A fan of the speed of startups, having worked at one or more (including maybe your own) before. - Familiar with some of the testing frameworks or services like Selenium, Appium, and Rest Assured. - Familiar working with any continuous integration tools (such as Jenkins, GitHub actions, GCB, Azure DevOps, Circle CI, etc). - Familiar with working with Dockers. - Familiar with working and testing microservices and building frameworks that can test these microservices in isolation. - Familiar with more advanced automation topics, such as security and performance testing

Perks of Working with us:

-Do great work that matters, in healthcare, for customers who could really use your help - Zero commute. Work wherever you are, globally (but on or around US Pacific Time hours) - A team of QAs who would love to learn from you and share with you their experience and knowledge to build awesome test and automation practices!

About Clipboard Health

We provide quality healthcare staffing in the form of nursing and allied health staff nationwide.

Company Culture

We value resourceful scrappy attitudes and people who are customer centric, empathetic, and curious.

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