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We help small businesses succeed by enabling their team members to communicate quickly and flexibly. Whether it’s sending a message, completing a checklist, tracking deliveries, closing maintenance issues, or getting a shift covered, Coast gives business owners and managers time back. Staff find our app so intuitive that they can use it without any training and can participate from Android, iOS, desktop, tablet, or even a flip phone using SMS.

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Why join us?

  • We've achieved strong traction and early product market fit. We have thousands of staff working at a wide range of businesses using our app daily with strong retention without any paid marketing.

  • Our founders have an incredibly strong relationship with and understanding of problems our customers face operating their businesses. We talk daily to customers who either own or work at businesses like spas, gyms, coffee shops, restaurants, and other retail stores that make our neighborhoods unique.

  • We have a strong, experienced, multi-disciplinary (product, design, and engineering) team comprised of entrepreneurial people focused on being the best app in the world for the small and medium sized businesses we serve. We've worked at big companies like Microsoft and at both early and late stage for startups like HotelTonight.

Engineering at Coast

Engineering team and processes

We establish a clear roadmap and priorities for the next 3+ months and ensure everyone has a clear focus weekly and daily. Product does a majority of the up front work of listening to customers, observing how they use the product (which is often unexpected), and identifying and framing impactful problems we can solve or changes we can make. Product, design, and engineering collaborate on solutions and specs. Engineering implements changes and product and design help test and verify. Currently, we typically ship once a week as we're primarily focused on new features (so takes more time) and iterating on those features. We use a mix of Notion and Github to manage our work and engineering utilizes pull requests for code reviews to learn, improve the quality of our solutions, and to ensure we keep things stable, secure, and performant for our customers.

Technical Challenges

Right now we are focused on shipping and iterating on key new features rapidly across Android, iOS, web, and the backend. It's a healthy pressure where we have a clear understanding of customer problems and it's up to us to solve those and learn what we can do better as quickly as possible.

Projects you might work on
  • Shift swaps - People get sick, have personal things come up, or otherwise need to get a shift covered or trade shifts with someone else that works at that business. Offer features that flexibly support different workflows for making it easy to swap or get a shift covered.

  • Next generation tasks - Beyond our core messaging/chat features, customers heavily utilize our v1 task features to track, delegate, and get work done. Tasks have been used in a number of novel ways for different types of businesses. Based on different use cases and customer interviews, design and build a next generation version of tasks that can better and more flexibly serve these use cases and more.

  • Search - Work with a team of engineers to establish and set up our core search architecture and infrastructure. Work with product, design, and other engineers to integrate search into the app.

Tech stack
React Native

Working at Coast

We focus on our customers and their problems, not the solutions themselves. We bring our best selves to work.

Perks & benefits
  • Flexible Hours
  • Health Insurance
  • Team Activities
  • Work from Home
  • Relocation
  • Company Retreats

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