Code for America

26 - 50 employees
< 10 engineers
Private funding

We're a non profit organization focused on building software that helps make government services work well for the people who need them most.

Our long term vision is to change the way government works to make it more efficient and effective for everyone. We've chosen to focus on services that address needs of vulnerable populations and drive three specific outcomes: (1) Make it easy to get access to healthy food (2) Find good work (3) Staying out of jail.

We've built a set of applications they've developed working alongside local/state governments to help deliver these.

Engineering at Code for America

Technical Challenges

We're very focused on tech that addresses user problems and we view technology as a tool to create better experiences for people.

We're currently going through growth and scaling challenges as we roll out into new counties.

Our software has to interface with official government IT systems, not all of these have well documented APIs (or an API at all!) so we often build creative solutions to work with them that are resilient at scale.

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