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Cognito is an identity verification and anti-fraud solution for online transactions. We make it easy for our customers to verify the identity of their users using just a phone number. We provide an incredibly easy to integrate API which collects information about a business' customers and then validates and enhances that data.

Our goal is to build a replacement for the Social Security Number as a way for people to verify your identity. The SSN should be used purely as a tax identifier, we're building a world where companies can reduce fraud by knowing only your phone number.

Engineering at Cognito
Technical Challenges

1) We've made a big contribution to mutation testing, in particular we are big contributors to a mutation testing system for Ruby called Mutant. Mutation testing forces you to write testable and decomposable code. The bar for making tests pass is high which requires a lot of discipline and commitment to writing high quality code.

2) We ingest identity data from many disparate data sets. Resolving these accurately, especially as the data itself often has mistakes e.g. there was an error while a paper sheet was being OCR'ed, is a tough technical challenge.

3) Providing fast real-time APIs despite slow government and private data sources is challenging.

Tech stack
Ruby on Rails
Mutant (mutation testing)

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