Color Genomics

101 - 250 Employees
11 - 25 Engineers
$100M+ Funding

Color's interdisciplinary team combines advanced software and state-of-the-art next-generation sequencing to democratize access to genetic testing.

Color’s innovations in software, lab processes, and sequencing are lowering prices and removing barriers to testing, making it more accessible than ever. Our genetic tests focus on genes associated with an increased risk for common hereditary cancers and hereditary high cholesterol – disorders where early knowledge can potentially make a difference.

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Why join us?
  • We're truly mission driven — We're doing whatever we can to help the most people learn about their health and take action to reduce the risk of future disease. Innovations in our lab, along with our systems and data pipelines, help us build a new kind of product at an unprecedented scale/price.

  • We have partnerships with leading research institutions — Our engineers and data scientists work closely with world-class geneticists, variant scientists, robotics experts, and laboratory scientists, creating a phenomenal opportunity for learning and growing. We’re honored to collaborate with experts at leading institutions like UCSF and UW (including Mary Claire King) on our lab/product development.

  • We're doing rewarding work — Building tools for doctors, scientists, and medical professionals is a lot more rewarding and challenging than building a generic consumer/enterprise app. Streamlining a doctor's workflow to reduce their error rate can mean the difference between a life and death outcome for patients.

Engineering at Color Genomics
Technical Challenges
  • DNA sequencers don't just work out of the box. It's a massive puzzle (and algorithmically challenging) to reconstruct the underlying genetic sequence from the output of a sequencer.

  • Assembling the genome and analyzing variants in the genome is extremely challenging. Many open-source toolkits cover basic variants, but we innovate and develop industry-leading advanced variant detectors.

  • We've built one of the world's fastest and most efficient bioinformatics data pipelines. We've done this by applying distributed systems engineers techniques (and AWS) to processes that traditional labs run on a few dedicated boxes.

  • Our clients make life-changing decisions based on our test results. We are challenged to keep pushing the frontier of our software without making a single mistake. Traditional labs update their production pipelines once or twice per year due to fear of introducing errors/regressions; we confidently integrate and test daily.

Tech stack

Working at Color Genomics

Our small team is one of the most seasoned and experienced in Silicon Valley, and we’re proud of our culture. We combine the best aspects of a pragmatic, product-oriented team with the rigor and scientific mindset of a research team. We’re still small enough that everyone’s work truly matters: you’ll be leading features/projects within your first month or two. Most importantly, you’ll be able to directly see how your work impacts our customers, delivering life-changing actionable health insights at scale.

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