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A desktop platform and app delivering high-quality performance coaching through a virtual AI coach. We focus on both individuals and teams and aim to deliver the highest quality of scientific coaching. Currently under name confidently (see:

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Why join us?

  • Strong, deep team. Founded by seasoned founder who previously co-founded AND 1, and helped grow it to over $200 Million in annual revenues. Two PhD's with over 30 years in the domain combined.

  • Great investors. Lead investors are co-founders former AND 1 partner, the managing President of the Philadelphia 76ers and several billionaires with deep ties to sports.

  • Meaningful work on cool tech. We will build something that is fun, that will change people's lives and be 'sticky' with high levels of engagement and use over time. Over time, we will be pushing to get to the front end of great, conversation UI and personalized virtual agents. It will be a great ride, with huge profit potential for all people involved.

Engineering at Confidently

Engineering team and processes

This person will be doing a lot of the ioS or react native MVP build themselves and recruiting and managing additional resources as needed - most likely 1-3 additional people in year 1. But, this person will likely be doing a lot of the first product build early on (first 3-6 months). We have one android developer.

Technical Challenges
  • Creating an engaging conversational user interface that returns personalized suggestions for people trying to improve the cognitive and emotional dimensions of performance - and essentially 'replaces' and 'replicates' a human coach
  • Building a back-end data structure to allow us to eventually apply machine learning to all the data we collect to drive more data driven and personalized recommendations.
  • Creating high-level user engagement in a beautiful to look at consumer app
  • Bringing quantitative discipline to 50-100 years of applied psychology practices through A/B testing at scale of what works and what doesn't
Projects you might work on
  • ioS or react native app for existing alpha customers - a virtual coach delivery educational content (videos and text), 'exercises' to improve performance and diagnosis of challenges and areas for growth

  • Desktop application for managing teams, seeing progress in aggregate and in isolation, managing social engagement and tracking progress through analytics.

Tech stack
React Native
iOS Development

Working at Confidently

  • Deeply entrepreneurial. Need team players who are self-starters, and look to solve problems and make positive things happen
  • Positive, growth mindset oriented. Need people who want to keep learning and getting better.
  • Ambitious. Need people who believe they can change the world for the better, and want to do the hard work to get there.
  • Great Communicators. Need to be open, good listeners, capable of engaging around complex issues with patience and compassion.
  • Collaborative. Need to be able to work as part of a team, and deliver with no concerns about who did what or who gets credit.
  • Fun. Want this to be fun as we do it.
  • Mission driven. We deeply believe that we can help people get closer to their fullest potential, and that our product can make this world a better place.
  • Determined. Need people in it for the long-haul who aren't deterred by the inevitable set-backs.
Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation

    Unlimited vacation, so long as you get the job done.

  • Work from Home

    Flexible work schedule. Can work remotely and from home.

  • Flexible Hours

    Work the hours that make sense for you.

  • Health Insurance

    If needed, full medical and dental.

  • Relocation

    We will pay up to $5,000 to move you to LA if you so desire.

Our Team by the Numbers

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