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We're a real estate platform that lets you buy a slice of a multi-family property.

Buying real estate is normally a complex process. We make the entire process simple and easy—just pick a property, fill out documents, and you're done. You get the rent check every month.

We also manage your properties, letting you see how it's doing, like how much rent is coming in, whether pipes need fixing, etc., so you can have full transparency and confidence.

Why join us?

  • We're already profitable and manage $80mm+ in properties. Our customers keep coming back to ask for more.

  • We're generous with equity compensation. We think Coral will be successful, and we want you to reap the rewards of making that come true.

  • Our mission makes sense: letting anyone own part of a rental property.

  • We're building a beautiful, clean stack from scratch, combining the best learnings of FAANG and startups.

    Do you ever hate your current codebase or wish it had better tests? Do you think the lint rules are silly? Do you ever think 'I could build this better?'

    If so, come put your money where you mouth is. Build it better at Coral.

  • You'll work closely with a founding team with successful startup experience, prior work at places like Google and BlackRock, and 30+ years across technology and finance.

Engineering at Coral

Engineering team and processes

You'll work closely with the CTO and a small team of engineers.

We stay nimble and light on process, with biweekly stand-ups and most communication in writing.

We use standard dev tools: GitHub, Linear for project management, and GitHub Actions for CI/CD. Slack and Zoom are our main comms.

Technical Challenges

Real estate transactions are a complex set of interactions between multiple parties (users, sellers, banks, tenants, etc.). Our stack must abstract away this complexity to give a seamless, smooth experience to the user.

Our primary technique for success: KISS!* We use standard technologies, wielded well, so the stack is always clean, readable, and easy to modify.

We focus on understanding our users, ensuring correctness, and optimizing our own developer experience.

Projects you might work on
  • You will work on the MVP web application. Customers can see their current properties, new opportunities, and make investments.

    Technical challenges include integration with Docusign and Plaid/Stripe for payments. This project is great if you have a passion for true full-stack development, from the DB to the browser.

  • You will be building a React Native (Expo) mobile app that mirrors our web app, but with a smoother native experience.

    If you're productive frontend developer with a love for UX design and testing, this project is for you.

  • You will build a secondary trading platform for our users so they can easily buy and sell shares of properties.

    This includes carefully thinking through security and privacy, reliability, and understanding payments and banking APIs. You will also need a working understanding of financial exchanges, game theory, and auctions.

Tech stack
React Native
Google Cloud Platform

Working at Coral

Do things right, and do them yesterday: make decisions quickly, unless they are risky and difficult to change.

Honesty with grace: speak up if you know something. Do so with tact and humility.

Take ownership and share credit: if you see something needs doing, then roll up your sleeves. If your colleague is going the extra mile, always give them a shout-out.

Diversity and Inclusion

Jenny, our CEO and one of three founders, is an experienced leader and shows that our commitment to diversity starts at the top.

By being remote first, we can hire from a more diverse, world-wide talent pool.

Although it's difficult to commit to specific targets at our stage (we're at <10 people), our long-term goal is to meet and then exceed industry-wide diversity metrics as we grow.

We try to foster a welcoming, inclusive culture by:

  • Keeping our ears open, carefully listening to our fellow colleagues

  • Speaking honestly and carefully, leaving room for other voices

Everyone sees a different slice of the world. We can only be successful of every person feels welcome to contribute their own perspective and talents.

Coral employees are encouraged to join local professional networks.

Finally, we also have open door policy—any team member can bring requests or concerns directly to the founders.

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation

    3 weeks of paid vacation per year.

  • Work from Home

    Our roles are fully remote.

  • Company Retreats

    We're planning a retreat after COVID—fingers crossed!

  • Flexible Hours

    We have a fully remote team across multiple continents. We care about results, not face time.

  • Travel

    We have employees in NY, Boston, SF, and Europe. Work next to your colleagues whenever you need to.

  • Health Insurance

    We provide full medical and dental coverage.

  • Visa Support
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