11 - 25 employees
< 10 engineers
Private funding

Courier (YC S19) offers an API that lets developers intelligently route user notifications across their existing channels – like SendGrid, Twilio, Slack, and Facebook Messenger – using factors like is the user online? and which channel has produced the most engagement for this user previously?

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Why join us?

  • Founded by an engineer with significant open-source experience (core team of node.js's Express web server) and has successfully built products and teams from zero multiple times. Led engineering at Eloqua which sold to Oracle for $800MM following 2012 IPO.

  • Y Combinator S19. Funded by top investors and strategic partners.

  • Hitting our traction point, with customers like Lattice and LaunchDarkly recently joining.

Engineering at Courier

Engineering team and processes

We are relentlessly focused on finding product-market fit as a very early stage company. We operate on a weekly cycle of synthesizing a hypothesis from customer feedback, developing and delivering an incremental step toward that hypothesis, and continuously measuring the results. We use Pull Requests on GitHub to conduct code reviews. All engineers are empowered to push code to production as part of our Continuous Delivery release process, which we often do multiple times per day.

Technical Challenges

Courier's delivery pipeline has to deal with significant scale and complexity from day one – throughput, velocity, resilience. Our platform receives a high volume of inbound API requests 24/7 and must (a) deliver them quickly (b) adapt to enormous variability in load automatically and (c) robustly response to downstream deliverability challenges with our integrated providers like SendGrid, Twilio, Facebook Messenger, or Slack.

Projects you might work on
  • Build an open-source Subscription Manager component library in React that lets Courier's customers' end-users modify how and whether they receive certain notifications.

  • Use AWS' new Cloud Development Kit (CDK) to automate the creation of new full-stack development, test, and production environments using TypeScript.

  • Create the client-and-server mechanisms that allow Courier's customers' developers to author their own TypeScript functions that will be run serverlessly within Courier's platform to (a) transform event JSON using custom functions and (b) output custom React components that will render as either HTML or an image when a notification is delivered.

Tech stack
AWS Lambda

Working at Courier

Courier is building a developer first product with a developer first culture. We're just getting started and our initial hires – including this role – will make a large impact upon how our culture evolves.

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation

    Courier has an unlimited vacation policy

  • Pet Friendly

    Our office is dog-friendly and our founder's dog, Yoshi, is an occasional guest-star at the office.

  • Maternal/Paternal Leave

    Our founder is a father of 3 and knows the importance of taking care of mom and baby when a little one arrives. Courier offers 8 weeks fully paid leave and a Welcome! package for baby and parents.

  • Work from Home

    Deep work is important, and it is often much easier to enter a flow state while at home, lights dim, headphones on. We have a shared remote work day every week (currently Thursdays).

  • Health Insurance

    Courier covers 99% of the premiums for Individual, Individual + Spouse, and Family health, dental, and vision coverage.

  • Free Food

    Nutritious, individually-selected lunches delivered to the office for our team, every day.

  • Beautiful Office

    Amazing location near Yerba Buena; just a few blocks from BART, MUNI, and CalTrain.

Our Team by the Numbers

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