Course Hero

Silicon valley
251 - 500 employees
101 - 250 engineers
$100m+ funding
Series b

Education technology start-up: platform featuring supplemental learning and teaching resources/content for college students and educators.

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Why join us?

  • We're an online learning platform of course-specific study resources who partner with educators and helping students achieve their academic goals. We envision a world where every student graduates, confident and prepared. By joining our team, you will contribute to impact we strive for in future learning.

  • 9 consecutive years of profitability; 40% YOY growth and have received additional Series B round of funding and are valued at $1.1 Billion

Engineering at Course Hero

Tech stack

Working at Course Hero

Perks & benefits
  • Free Food
  • Gym/Fitness
  • Beautiful Office
  • Company Retreats
  • Workshops/Conferences
  • Maternal/Paternal Leave
  • Flexible Hours
  • Health Insurance
  • Team Activities
  • Transportation
  • 401(k) Contribution
  • Work from Home
  • Philanthropic Contributions
  • Relocation
Our Team by the Numbers

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