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CrossComm is a web, mobile, and immersive app development studio awarded Best Company to Work 2021 by NC Tech. For over two decades, CrossComm has helped Fortune 500 companies, startups, research institutions and many others leverage the constantly-evolving landscape of technology to meet their software and business goals. To accomplish this, we’ve assembled a growing team of empathetic and creative problem solvers who are hungry to positively impact people’s lives through innovative technology.

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Active Roles

Why join us?

  • We have over 20 years of proven success and industry experience.

  • Awarded the Best Tech Company to Work 2021 by NC Tech.

  • We celebrate curiosity, exploration, critical thinking and professional development

  • Our innovative, intellectually-stimulating projects keep work interesting and fun!

  • We've grown by 50% in the last year.

Engineering at CrossComm

Engineering team and processes

Our engineers benefit from both collegial collaboration and guidance from technical and organizational leadership. We use a technology team structure, employing a mix of junior, mid, and senior developers reporting to a lead in each technical area (i.e., backend, frontend, mobile, and AR/VR). All team leads report to the director of software engineering who reports to the CEO.

CrossComm employs an agile development and deployment process to get quick feedback from clients. Engineers work alongside our project managers to create user stories, map out desired functions, and define necessary tasks. We deploy to multiple environments on multiple projects every week.

Technical Challenges

Because we embrace a variety of technologies, and serve a wide range of industries, consistent learning is required from project to project. Depending on your role, you may be challenged to: create VR applications that are technically impressive and immersive, deploy backend applications to a variety of cloud platforms from custom provisioned VMs to serverless APIs, or build mobile applications that integrate with evolving hardware devices.

Projects you might work on
  • MyPatientPal is a mobile app to help cancer patients better cope with and improve side effects related to treatment, while also equipping them to more effectively share their symptoms with healthcare providers. CrossComm developed an iOS and Android app that allowed patients to input their medication and symptoms on a daily basis. The app features informative charts that provide visual representations of the patient's symptoms over time, and the relationship between those symptoms and the patient's adherence to medication.

  • The FocuSStem NextGen initiative introduces underrepresented students in Southeastern Michigan to STEM careers through virtual reality experiences. CrossComm developed three distinct virtual medical modules (ICU, Operating Room, Research Lab), with an ability for over 15 individuals to share the same virtual space at the same time. Interactive virtual objects were created to help demonstrate real-world medical scenarios. Another feature was real-time administrative control over the VR environment, and timed challenges for students within each VR scenario.

  • The Hololens Augmented Reality Application for Wayne State University's Medical Department allows therapists to provide AR exposure therapy to patients suffering from phobias, PTSD, or OCD. Patients wearing a Microsoft HoloLens AR headset are shown simulations of feared objects (such as spiders or snakes) in their real-world environments. The purpose is to gradually lessen the patients' fears of the object. Through a companion web application, therapists can control the size, type, color, and movement of the feared objects—even from another room or remote location.

Tech stack
React Native

Working at CrossComm

At CrossComm, you will work on challenging, but rewarding projects. We have built (and continue to iterate on) an environment that facilitates communication, sparks creativity, and encourages all employees to continue learning and perfecting their crafts. We seek to foster strong interpersonal connections amongst team members, whether in person, over video, or through our own collaborative VR software delivered through a company-issued Oculus Quest.

Diversity and Inclusion

When you work for CrossComm, you are a valued part of an innovative team. Your voice matters, your experiences are respected, and your identity is cherished. We believe that true problem solving requires a collection of diverse experiences that can approach challenges from a variety of perspectives. Our team looks for people who bring expertise and knowledge to the table, regardless of who they are or how they obtained it.

As part of our commitment to an inclusive workplace, we are happy to connect prospective hires with current employees so they can get a better sense of our team and what it might be like to work with us.

We support individual growth and education and actively promote from within whenever possible.

Connect with our team during your hiring process

As part of our commitment to an inclusive workplace, we are happy to offer prospective engineers the chance to connect with our engineering employees who come from underrepresented backgrounds. It’s a way to get a better sense of our team and what it might be like to work with us.

If you’re interested in connecting with our team, be sure to bring this up during one of our introductory calls!

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation

    Unlimited PTO

  • Beautiful Office

    We're located in vibrant downtown Durham, NC—the“South’s Tastiest Town”—in a mid-century modern co-working and office complex called The American Underground..

  • Maternal/Paternal Leave

    Our unlimited PTO extends to family leave for the birth or adoption of a child. We have short-term disability benefits for new mothers.

  • Flexible Hours

    We understand that things come up. Employees can use flex time as necessary to tend to personal or family matters.

  • Workshops/Conferences

    We encourage our team to participate in local, regional, and national workshops and conferences.

  • Other

    Our “Take 30” initiative invites employees to spend thirty minutes of work time each day learning something for their own professional development.

  • Health Insurance

    We provide full medical, dental, vision, accident, life, and short and long-term disability coverage for team members, and pay 1/2 toward dependent premiums. We also have an HSA.

  • 401(k) Contribution

    We offer a matching 401k up to 4% of employee contribution.

  • LGBTQ+ friendly

    We welcome you and your partner/family, whoever you are!

  • Work from Home

    We support working from wherever you work best. (We are currently mostly remote due to the pandemic.)

  • Team Activities

    We host biannual company summits with full days of team activities as well as weekly informal team-building one-on-ones.

  • Minority-led company

    We were named the 2015 minority technology firm of the year by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

  • Prioritizes diversity in hiring

    We believe our strength as a team lies in our diversity.

  • Dedicated Human Resources team

    Our HR lead has been with CrossComm for over nine years and is both an internal and external champion for our team!

  • Social impact driven

    We believe in doing meaningful work and actively seek projects that serve a public good.

  • Transportation

    We pay for downtown parking for local employees.

Our Team by the Numbers
Engineering team

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