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< 10 engineers
$500k - $1m funding
Pre-series a

Curable is a health tech startup on a mission to develop engaging, scalable solutions for the enormous global chronic pain market. We create programs and services that put modern pain science directly in the hands of the people who need it most. The Curable App, Curable Groups and our Breakthrough Bootcamps have helped hundreds of thousands of chronic pain patients reduce their physical symptoms and improve their quality of life. We're looking for teammates who share our passion for making a difference in people's lives.

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Why join us?

  • We are pioneers and the leader of our market with a business model that is profitable. We have achieved this without taking any series funding to keep our culture and work-life balance from becoming overwhelming.

  • One of our products was reviewed without request on TechCrunch by Jon Evans. The article starts with, Very rarely, an app comes along that changes your life. I want to tell you about such an app, and how it changed mine.

  • Daily emails from customers ecstatically thanking you for building life changing tools

  • A founding team with diverse skill-sets and self-sufficient for two years. Since then the team has been growing with the demand of customer growth.

  • Physical offices are in Chicago and Denver. You are welcome to visit and explore anytime.

Engineering at Curable Inc

Engineering team and processes

Our engineering team has been the size of 1 until now though everyone in the company helps out. The team works together to develop a spec and then features are built. There is a lot of opportunity to work on all sorts of things. When large changes are introduced the entire team helps out with QA. Smaller releases are pushed into production throughout the week. All code is kept and documented on GitHub. Structure can be adjusted as needed.

Technical Challenges

Our front-door product, the Curable app, has a dynamic experience which can make it hard to tell what's working and what's not. We build tools and use data and experimentation to harness this challenge to reach people where they are in understanding. We are constantly looking for new ways to use data to understand the customers journey.

We had to know more about the exact listening patterns on content. We recently finished a tool that tracks listening of certain content down to 5 second intervals which can be used to segment users and better serve them on delivery.

Our market is global and we use aspects of internationalization to make it easier for each region.

We run live events 4 times a year where we have large spikes in usage. Because of this we have to maintain burst scalability.

Projects you might work on
  • Individual coaching is one of our more recent services after the success of the Curable Groups program (12-week lessons and live group coaching). We will be building a tighter integration of the experience between the Curable app, Groups and individual coaching.

  • Help engineer a new internal social network to port our existing community over to. The current community is heavily used and the most hopeful and positive chronic pain community we've ever seen. The storage layer will be added to our Google Spanner cluster and optimized to reduce latency.

  • Engineer the new front-end or back-end or both (up to you) for version 5 of the Curable app. Showcasing individualized content and improving video and live video, better content sharability, and social features around content. This will be a major overhaul of our lewk that has stayed similar since 2017.

Tech stack
Google Cloud Platform

Working at Curable Inc

We value people who can understand what our customers are going through and can empathize with their situation. Our products focus on emotions, that it's ok to be human, and nothing is perfect. This makes our team friendly, caring, understanding, and open-minded. We are very resourceful and we value people focusing on their strengths to add to the team to achieve things others wouldn't be able to. We are located across two cities and we've found a way to make remote working fun.

Perks & benefits
  • 401(k) Contribution

    Curable contributes 3% of your salary whether you choose to make your own contributions or not

  • Health Insurance

    Health, dental and vision insurance

  • Team Activities

    We have a 30 minute get-together on Mondays just to hang out, play games and talk about non-business stuff.

  • Company Retreats

    From time to time we offer paid-travel to a location to get together in person. When we are all together we work a small amount of time and play for the rest.

  • Relocation

    If you are interested in relocation, we can help.

  • Work from Home

    In the cities with offices, normally people go in 3 days a week and work from home 2.

Our Team by the Numbers

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