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Daggle Ltd is a real-time payments company that provides users with the ability to pay for services using nano-transactions for zero cost - without using a blockchain. Daggle.ae is our first use-case, a platform for people to find things to borrow and list things to lend, where transactions are conducted in real-time and payments are made by the second for the fairest deal.

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Why join us?

  • Listen, I want to be completely transparent. We're very early stages. We have decided at each milestone, from ideation through to MVP, to press on based on the data we have collected from testing our vision at every step. Each time the signs point to take that next step, where we then collect more data. We work iteratively, diligently, intelligently (and enjoy ourselves along the way). The result has been more great signs: hugely positive customer feedback and a solid NPS score of 100. But we also have challenges, which is why we want talented people like you. How do we strengthen our weaknesses and build on our strengths? You will be part of a small team to help decide where to lead Daggle and how to claw every incremental percentage improvement we can every day.

  • I'm still going to be transparent. We are based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. You don't have to be. We're cool with remote working. It's not the Bay Area, but the UAE is the Silicon Valley of the Middle East, with more startup investments and exits than any other country in this part of the world - Careem bought by Uber, Souq bought by Amazon, all local homegrown startups. It's a country that is up and coming, hungry, and with enormous ambitions (and wealth), and we want to ride that wave, to then launch onto the international stage. The UAE may be small, but its size has advantages, including little competition and the space to perfect our product-market fit in a country that is 85% expatriates hailing from 200+ countries. It's a perfect petri dish to test our product for a global market, and one that will help direct expansion.

  • More transparency. We are two co-founders. This is our first startup. And while we know the odds aren't in favour of first-time founders, we learn as much as we can from the successes and mistakes of others. We are constantly on the lookout for new ideas and ways of thinking. We also bring our own strengths in other areas: one of us has 12+ years in strategy, governance, communications and was a speechwriter for Queen Rania of Jordan; the other has 11+ years of experience in finance, financial planning, M&A, IPOs, financial analysis, and worked for Deutsche Bank. We both went to top tier universities. In short, we are hard working, with broad experience and complementary skillsets.

  • Real-time payments is crazy exciting. Think about it. Everything that blockchain is inevitably headed towards is a world where people can send money like emails: instantly and for free. That makes nano-transactions possible and that means paying by the second in real-time. With Daggle we decided to jump to the end and just start providing this service. But having a real-time payments wallet isn't enough. You need somewhere to spend it, so we built the first use case: something familiar but not readily available, something that everyone needs and everyone would use. So we built a borrowing and lending platform. Like I said, so far, people love it. Once we have enough traction, we can start to provide other services, APIs, etc. We want to become the PayPal of realtime payments.

Engineering at Daggle

Engineering team and processes

We currently have 3 devs working on 1-2 week sprints to deliver features and fix bugs. Pull requests are made through GitHub. This has worked so far, but as we evolve so too can our working practices.

Technical Challenges

We are building a real-time payments system that has to deal with high volume call requests and ensure that users transfer exactly the right amount of money to have a flawless, stress-free experience.

Projects you might work on
  • Our engineering projects are guided by feedback from the user, and so it can be anything, ranging from how to improve conversions, to improving UI/X, to A/B testing different messaging or onboarding flows, to improve stability and performance, to improving workflows or code quality... whatever improves our key metrics.

Tech stack
Google Cloud Platform

Working at Daggle

We like to get stuff done and to do it efficiently. We like to be data driven in our decision-making but not be total robots. Both we and our users are humans after all. We genuinely want to create a product people love and that adds value to their lives. We want to give people greater access to explore and enjoy the world through the power of real-time payments.

As for us, we also like to have a good time (as you can see from the cheesy photos). I mean, life is for living! If you want to learn more, take a look at our culture deck: https://tinyurl.com/daggle-culture

Perks & benefits
  • Flexible Hours

    Work whenever is best for you. It's about getting it done.

  • Travel

    We would definitely want to bring you out to Abu Dhabi a few times a year. It is absolutely beautiful here October through May.

  • Work from Home

    Work wherever you want, so long as you're feeling productive.

Our Team by the Numbers

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