51 - 100 Employees
26 - 50 Engineers
$25M - $50M Funding
Series B

We help our customers avoid overdraft fees by predicting their low balance until payday and alerting them if that balance drops too low. We offer $75 zero-interest paycheck advances to help bridge the paycheck-to-paycheck gap.

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Active Roles
Why join us?
  • We've grown our user base from 50,000 users to 1.2 million in the last year, and the company from 20 to 45 in the same period.

  • We hit profitability at the end of 2018. No fear of running out of runway.

  • Our company is mission- and values-driven to the core. Our mission is to build products that change people’s financial lives. We are:

    • helpful and decent
    • innovative entrepreneurs
    • resourceful
    • transparent
    • persistent

Engineering at Dave.com
Engineering team and processes

Our engineering team is broken into four squads:

  • our biggest squad focuses on Customer Success— they make sure all customers, both internal and external, are successful. This includes making changes to the app to clarify experiences, fixing bugs, building internal dashboards, etc.

  • our second biggest squad is called Product Innovation— this team works on new products and features driven by our company mission: to improve our customers' financial lives

  • our third squad works on revenue: underwriting and collecting advances and subscription fees. This is a very backend-heavy team that relies on a lot of data science and machine learning tools

  • the fourth squad is working on our biggest new product of 2019.. we'll share the news with you when we're on the phone!

Technical Challenges

Our goal is to offer $75 zero-interest paycheck advances to as many customers as we can. Optimizing our underwriting rules to approve more customers every week while maintaining our collection rate is a constant challenge. We run multiple experiments every week alongside regular rebuilds of our machine learning model, which has gained us the highest combined approval/collection rate in the industry.

Projects you might work on
  • You'll work on a React Native mobile app that is released weekly, with top-notch product, design, and QA teams.

  • You'll help build and release machine learning models to increase our approval rate and help more customers avoid overdraft fees

  • You'll build new products and features that will improve our customers' financial lives

Tech stack
React Native

Working at Dave.com

We're mission- and values-driven (see https://dave.com/about).

Work/life balance is important to us. Work forty hours per week, take vacations, work from home if you need to.

We have fun: regular board game nights, team and company outings, and birthday celebrations.

Generous Vacation

Unlimited PTO. We really want you to take time off.

Free Food

Lunch provided on Tuesdays and Fridays.

LaCroix, snacks, and cold brew on tap.

Flexible Hours

Most of our engineers are in the office from 10AM until 5 or 6PM, but we don't have any hard rules around this. If you need a work-from-home day, feel free to take one! We care about productivity, not hours.

Health Insurance

Medical and dental coverage up to $1500/month for you and your dependents.

Team Activities

Monthly board game nights, quarterly engineering team outings


Generous relocation depending on where you're coming from

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