Frontend/ Full-Stack Engineer

Remote, San Francisco, CA, United States • $130k - $180k • 0.2% - 0.5%


Role Locations

  • Remote
  • San Francisco, CA, United States


  • $130k - $180k
  • 0.2% - 0.5%


< 10 people


1540 Mcallister St
San Francisco, CA, 94115-4412, US

Tech Stack

  • React
  • TypeScript
  • Java
  • D3.js
  • Redux
  • Flask
  • Python
  • Pandas
  • Spring Boot
  • Spring Reactive
  • AWS

About Daydream

As crazy as it sounds, most leaders in most companies are functional experts but don’t actually understand how the pieces of their company work together to drive the business. As a result, companies execute against siloed decisions in order to hit overly simplistic KPIs, politics rules the day, and human potential is wasted as teams work on predictably bad projects.

Enter Daydream: you can think of Daydream as a sort of Figma for business models built for operators, not finance. Daydream connects day-to-day operational decisions with financial outcomes and is at once more powerful than a spreadsheet and yet simple enough for people who hate math. We have the potential to multiply the output of nearly every business, and in 5 years, you won’t operate a business without us.

Daydream was founded by Uber’s former Head of Rider Growth and Eventbrite’s former VP Finance based on our personal experiences. We are a small but mighty team with enthusiastic early customers and great institutional backers operating in extreme stealth.

Company Culture

We value passion — We have the opportunity to do something truly transformational. We enjoy working alongside people who are mission driven and share our passion. We work both hard and smart, put the emphasis on outcomes over output, and take ownership of the projects we touch.

We value first principles thinking — We are delivering a product that's 10x better that what came before. There are many hard problems and we learn a lot along the way. We value people who bring curiosity and a growth mentality to their work, and seek the right answers without ego.

We value trustworthiness — We are handling some of our customer's most sensitive data and enabling their most important decisions and we take that seriously. We are dependable for our customers and for each other.

We embrace fun — Some people are scared of numbers, we get that. That's why we are creating a best-in-class consumer-style product experience that makes the dry accessible. We bring craft and joy to our work that others can feel.

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