Software Engineer

San Francisco, CA, United States • 0.01% - 0.10%


Role Location

  • San Francisco, CA, United States


0.01% - 0.10%


51 - 100 people


180 Capp St Unit 6
San Francisco, CA, 94110, US

Tech Stack

  • Rust
  • Python
  • PyTorch
  • CUDA
  • Vue.js
  • React
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Docker
  • Webpack
  • Terraform
  • Bash

Role Description

At Deepgram, we’re on a mission to be the speech company — starting with providing the world’s best automatic speech recognition for business. We’ve scrapped traditional speech recognition methods for patented end-to-end deep learning speech models built specifically for the needs of each customer. This allows enterprise data science and product teams to confidently tackle initiatives like building voice assistants for doctors, using AI to assist call center agents, automatically detecting good candidates to hire, and more.

Because we serve a diverse range of customers, our team prides itself on our willingness to learn and our tenacity to keep improving. This attitude has led to exciting growth and a recent fundraising round.

The Opportunity

Deepgram is the leader in high performance computing (HPC) solutions for next-generation speech analytics. Our software works closely with GPU hardware to provide a low-latency, high-throughput, scalable speech API that our customers engage with. At Deepgram, you would be designing products powered by the latest deep learning technologies; implementing secure, robust, and scalable customer-facing services; and working with customers to ensure they are fully leveraging Deepgram’s product offerings. Ideal candidates would thrive on a faced-paced, impact-driven environment where learning new skills on-the-fly is encouraged.


  • Improving Deepgram’s core services
  • Working with customers to identify new product features.
  • Designing and implementing new services, features, and/or products.


  • Expert competence in C, C++, or Rust (preferably Rust), with competence in Python.
  • Competence in version control (preferably git).
  • Competence with UNIX-style systems.
  • Competence working on remote systems.

About Deepgram

Large scale, high performance speech recognition for large communication platforms and enterprises (that means: phone calls and meetings). We're the fastest, most technically oriented, frontier pushing speech company in the world and enjoy working with people who continue to push that boundary.

Company Culture

We thrive on deep tech, and we get stoked when engineers can find great ways to intuitively communicate these complex ideas to users, improve the performance of our innermost loops and business logic, and help couple customer needs to engineering resources. Customer-driven features provide plenty of opportunity for fast-paced, fresh projects.

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