Devops Engineer

San Francisco, CA, United States


Role Location

  • San Francisco, CA, United States


51 - 100 people


180 Capp St Unit 6
San Francisco, CA, 94110, US

Tech Stack

  • Rust
  • Python
  • PyTorch
  • CUDA
  • Vue.js
  • React
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Docker
  • Webpack
  • Terraform
  • Bash

About Deepgram

Large scale, high performance speech recognition for large communication platforms and enterprises (that means: phone calls and meetings). We're the fastest, most technically oriented, frontier pushing speech company in the world and enjoy working with people who continue to push that boundary.

Company Culture

We thrive on deep tech, and we get stoked when engineers can find great ways to intuitively communicate these complex ideas to users, improve the performance of our innermost loops and business logic, and help couple customer needs to engineering resources. Customer-driven features provide plenty of opportunity for fast-paced, fresh projects.

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