Backend Engineer

San Francisco • $110k - $150k • 0.2% - 0.3%

E Pluribus Fusion

Role Location

  • San Francisco


  • $110k - $150k
  • 0.2% - 0.3%


11 - 25 people


1880 Century Park E Ste 900
Los Angeles, CA, 90067-1610, US

Tech Stack

  • Go
  • Rust
  • ML
  • AWS
  • TypeScript
  • Python
  • R

Role Description

Our Mission

We are building 3D data models of sporting events in real-time via image recognition and ultra-wideband tracking.

Our Values

  • Work hard, have fun, dream big: we want to change the way sports is consumed.
  • Best idea wins: the team uses the best idea regardless of seniority.
  • Thirst for knowledge and improvement: never stop learning and finding better ways to solve problems.
  • Be a self-aware team player: recognize your role in the team to achieve our goals and help others.
  • Teams are organized according to scrum/agile principles: engineers are given a chance to focus on the task at hand without undue distraction.
  • Weekly sprints: we make small, achievable goals and strive to complete them.

How You Can Help

Join us to build out our data pipeline, train data sets, build our ML models, and develop our GraphQL API.

You will play a key role in establishing our initial tech stack and have sway on architectural decisions. You are passionate about solving problems at scale and go the extra mile to minimize latency.


  • Experience with modern, safe backend languages such as Golang, Rust, or TypeScript.
  • History of architecting high availability deployments. We’re passionate about adding more 9’s.
  • Dev ops experience, using Docker, CI services, and infrastructure as code to perform safe, zero-downtime deployments.
  • Familiarity with cloud infrastructure providers such as AWS, Azure, or GCP.
  • Experience with large-scale or real-time distributed systems.
  • Understanding of NoSQL databases such as DynamoDB, MongoDB, and Redis, and concurrency control patterns.
  • Experience with messaging technologies such as SQS, Kafka, or NATS and idioms such as fan-out and request-reply.
  • Experience implementing robust and well-designed REST, JSON:API, or GraphQL APIs.
  • Relentless attention to infosec best practices.
  • An interest in real-time audio/video processing and machine learning.

About E Pluribus Fusion

With our real-time 3D tracking technology, we create data models for live predictive analytics. This enables new types of fantasy sports games that are more engaging for fans—both in the stadium and at home.

We also create interactive AR experiences for fans that improve the engagement with teams and players. These experiences can be personalized and easily integrate with social media.

With unprecedented access to sporting events, we aim to partner with sports leagues around the world to implement this technology. With hands-on R&D at live events, we are developing edge hardware that streams to our cloud-based ML systems.

Company Culture

We value keeping technical debt low, striving for excellence, and learning and growing as engineers.

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