iOS Engineer

Silicon Valley, CA, United States


Role Location

  • Silicon Valley, CA, United States


101 - 250 people


260 Sheridan Ave Ste 300
Palo Alto, CA, 94306-2010, US

Tech Stack

  • .NET
  • python
  • C#
  • AWS
  • Kubernetes
  • linkerd
  • AWS Aurora
  • Elastic Search
  • Docker
  • Jenkins
  • Redshift

Role Description

Since Earnin is a mobile only application, the mobile engineering team’s job is to develop new features and support our best in class iOS and Android applications. We work closely with the product, marketing, server engineering, and customer support teams to create new product experiences for our customers.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a solid mobile experience that helps them gain access to their money easily and understand quickly any problems or issues that may arise on their account. Engineers joining the mobile team must have a solid focus on user experience as well as understand mobile specific issues ranging from network usage to battery life. The mobile engineering team is the most customer facing group and has a big impact on the customer’s impression of our company.

About Earnin

We give people the ability to get their pay on demand. The timing difference between when a person works and gets paid means that frequently when people work paycheck to paycheck, they're forced into using predatory, high-interest debt products. We help them avoid the vicious cycle of a worsening financial situation.

Earnin is leading a money revolution. Through the app, people are coming together to build a better financial system - a system that puts people over profits.

Our movement is bold, positive, and uplifting. Because we know that when the people around us are happy and healthy, we are all better off.

Company Culture

Earnin helps people overcome this unfairness by giving them real-time access to their money as soon as they have worked — without fees or interest.

Our company values are:

Community First: The things we do are good for the community. We put people first. We are humble, approachable, and empathetic. We Not Me: We are strongest when we collaborate and support each other. We are built on participation from all. Our customers are our equals. We have a mentality of “we” - not “me,” “us” or “them.”

Explorer Mindset : We are curious. Challenges help us grow. We are not afraid to step into uncertainty. We can build on people’s ideas. We take measured risks, learn fast from mistakes and are persistent.

Motivation Matters: We inspire goodness. We’re designing a system based on generosity and goodwill, not on greed. Our service is not conditional on customers doing something for the company. Radical Thinking: We rethink what’s possible. We dream bigger to make an impact. We’re not afraid to flip systems upside down and reimagine the world to make things more fair.

Get It Done: People rely on us. We work with urgency and act with ownership.

What does it look like to work at Earnin: We have a flexible work environment and recognize that people have lives outside of work. Occasionally we WFH, come in late/leave early because we understand that you have things to take care of. We treat you like an adult and enable you to manage your own projects/work schedule.

There are times where all hands on deck are needed, but for the most part, people are managing their own work/life balance.

We celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, participate in donut sessions (get to know your fellow colleague over coffee, lunch, or friendly walks around the neighborhood). and people sometimes bring their furry friends to interact with here in our Palo Alto office.

We celebrate accomplishments, learn from sharing experiences on what went wrong, and we're looking for people who relish the startup environment where we're building out new, additional features and we're constantly pushing the envelope on financial systems that work for people and not corporations.

Our Investors: We are a Series C funding from top-tier investors including DST Global, Andreessen Horowitz, Spark Capital, Matrix Partners, March Capital Partners, Coatue Management and Ribbit Capital. We have raised 185MM. As per NY Times and Entrepreneur magazine, we are the next Unicors.

More about us:

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