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We're an automatic diet planner. Users input a little about what they want from their diet, including nutrition goals, budget, schedule, and food preferences, and we create an optimal meal plan with a grocery list (and optional grocery delivery).

Our current user base is very fitness and diet oriented, but our goal is to make it more convenient to feed yourself with ETM and eat a perfect diet than it is to eat whatever you normally do. We want to do for eating what the GPS did for driving. Straightforward suggestions on what you can eat next to hit your goals, with automatic re-routing if you ever go off course.

From a business perspective, we're a lead generator for everything our users eat. As grocery delivery and online pickup becomes more popular, we're in a good position to refer most of our users' grocery purchases.

Why join us?
  • We're bootstrapped and profitable.

  • The health and fitness market is booming, and we're experiencing steady growth alongside it.

  • We're a mostly remote company and we're super chill, so you'll have very flexible hours.

  • We love the product we're building, and so do our 2 million+ users.

Engineering at Eat This Much
Engineering team and processes

We're a small engineering team, and we sync up every day with a quick 10 minute standup meeting via a video call. Any major changes get pushed to a Github pull request and get reviewed by at least 2 other people. We have Jenkins set up to run a continuous integration and testing pipeline, so updates go from git to production in minutes.

We're very flexible overall, and you'll have a good bit of freedom to direct yourself. This can be a challenge for some people, so keep that in mind when applying.

Technical Challenges

Generating a complete diet for someone is a challenging optimization problem. If it were just picking a set of foods to fit nutrition constraints, it would be straightforward, but we also need to make sure the meals turn out to be appealing and adapt to the user's tastes, and with enough ingredient re-use every day that the grocery list isn't overflowing. It ends up being a huge search space that we have to sift through.

On the other end is managing the interface complexity with trying to adapt to anyone's possible dietary preferences and schedule needs. This is a challenge that we're still dealing with, but we have a lot of new designs that we're looking to start implementing soon.

Projects you might work on
  • One of our top priorities is updating our web interface to match some new designs. Our current frontend is written using backbone.js, which has been working fine, but we're open to rewriting any new parts of the app in react or vue if you're comfortable with those.

  • We're looking to white label our service for professionals. This is going to require a lot of work in the full web stack to make happen.

  • We just recently rewrote all of our meal planning algorithms in Go (previously in python) and we're seeing ~30x speed improvement (still testing before deploying to production). There's still a lot of work to do in perfecting our algorithms, and making things more flexible and reactive when someone needs changes to their plan throughout the day.

Tech stack
Apache Spark
iOS Development

Working at Eat This Much

We're generally laid back, but excited about what we're working on. Since we're mostly remote, it comes with the downside of not having a tight-knit office culture, but the upside of zero commute and ultimate schedule flexibility. We're always happy talk on slack or a video call.

Benefits and Perks
Flexible Hours

We're usually online starting at 10/11am PST, and work throughout the day. You're welcome to make your own hours as long as there's some overlap with the rest of us. If you want to come into our LA office/garage to work, you're welcome to :)

Health Insurance

We provide full medical coverage, as well as dental and vision plans.

Free Food

We're remote so there's no onsite chef, but we reimburse up to $100/week of food/groceries if you use Eat This Much to plan/track what you're eating. It's the ultimate form of dog-fooding, and the experience of using the app is crucial to making improvements.

401(k) Contribution

We offer a matching 401(k) plan up to 4% of compensation.

Work from Home

Work from home as much as you want! We're a remote company. If you're local to us in LA, it can help to come into our office to work through tough engineering problems, otherwise video calls tend to work fine.

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