101 - 250 employees
26 - 50 engineers
$50m - $100m funding
Series a

Consumer Fintech + Crypto. Here's what we're about: putting people in control of their money, and making it work for them.

Financial infrastructure hasn't changed since the 1970s. All we've gotten are shinier products built on the same broken systems. The Eco App changes that, starting by building the best place to save and spend your dollars. We combine high-yield savings with rewarded spending in a single, compounding balance that's easy to manage. Soon we'll let you pay your bills and put your financial life on autopilot. And through all of this — unlike every other fintech company — we don't skim from users. We're creating the first consumer fintech product whose creators are truly aligned with its users.

That's only possible because we're working to introduce the Eco Currency, a new money built for real people. We believe that cryptocurrencies can fundamentally upgrade traditional money — but that won't happen without widespread distribution and a path to adoption. The Eco App is the first product to provide such a path, beginning with a familiar interface built for US Dollars and slowly building trust as we educate users on the benefits of this new paradigm.

Every day, we're working on difficult and impactful problems which demand solutions at the intersection of technology, product, marketing, and advocacy. To achieve our mission and realize our vision, we’ve put together an incredible team and are selectively adding to it. We hope you’ll consider joining us.

Why join us?

  • Ambition: working on the most interesting, challenging, and impactful set of problems we can imagine.

  • Traction: pulling us forward, with a six-figure waitlist and organic referral flywheel.

  • Network: a remarkable list of A-List investors (funds and individuals), advisors, and believers.

  • Creativity: build a financial project nobody's ever seen, leading users to truly expect better from their money.

Engineering at Eco

Engineering team and processes

Our engineering team currently balances two functions: most engineers are dedicated to developing the Eco App, with a smaller subset focused on crypto-native implementation of the Eco Currency and its related platform integrations. Our team works on week-long sprint cycles, releasing into production as soon as features are completed and tested. We also do a monthly catch-all release for queued upgrades, bug-fixes, etc. We use Asana to project manage, and Jira to coordinate sprints. Our team works remote-first, with engineers spread across US timezones.

Technical Challenges

Keep building and rapidly improving a mobile app hundreds of thousands of people have lined up to access. In other words: Everything that comes with building a high-growth consumer mobile product for scale and security — keeping it connected to the ever-fragile banking system (hopefully taking money out) and to the ever-evolving crypto ecosystem (hopefully putting money in). For frontend engineers (working in React Native), every component, screen and feature goes directly to users, fast. For backend engineers, money movement must be scalable, seamless and secure.

To make crypto trustworthy, and lead consumers to expect something different (better) from their money, we must ship obsessively simple and intuitive (and delightfully surprising) frontend interactions, and abstract a fairly complex backend stack to ensure user funds flow freely. It's a persistent challenge, for years to come.

Tech stack
React Native

Working at Eco

Mission-oriented (really) Candid, open, fast-feedback Intellectually diverse High accountability We're money nerds

Perks & benefits
  • Maternal/Paternal Leave

    Of course!

  • Work from Home

    By default! Stipends for gear!

  • Workshops/Conferences

    Annual stipends!

  • Generous Vacation


  • Beautiful Office

    Someday...hopefully again...

Our Team by the Numbers

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