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Ejenta is applying NASA-licensed technology for monitoring astronauts in space, enabling health providers to deliver care remotely to patients at home.

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Why join us?

  • Ejenta’s platform was developed using technology that NASA pioneered for 24/7 monitoring of astronauts in space, and we’re now applying it to address the problems of millions of patients back on earth. Our platform collects data from wearable and wireless devices and from medical records to predict patient health and keep patients and their care teams connected.

  • We are a diverse and inclusive team with ties to Stanford, Berkeley, and NASA, and we have a track record of creating successful startups and technology advancements across several industries (space, automotive, security, and media).

  • Our customers include some of the largest health systems in the country, like Kaiser Permanente. Our investment partners include Amazon Alexa Fund, Citylight Capital (a social impact fund) and Newark Venture Partners. And we have the best type of funding available— a working business model with growing customer revenue!

  • This position is right for you if you want to get in at the ground level of building a startup, and if you thrive in working with a small team, with great influence in your work, product decisions and company direction.

Engineering at Ejenta

Engineering team and processes

We have a flat engineering team structure where each engineer focuses on tasks best suited to his or her abilities and preferences. We have a weekly sprint meeting where we review and demo what’s been accomplished over the past week and discuss what the coming week’s priorities are. Each of us has a huge amount of influence over where we go next, both short term and long.

We use Jira to track issues, which anyone on the team can create. We use GitHub pull requests for code reviews; upon successful review, code is pulled into develop branches. Engineers are then encouraged to deploy to our staging environment often, where testing and internal demos are done. Releases to production are more carefully planned, and performed once the team agrees that new features have been thoroughly tested. Hotfixes to production can also be deployed in rare cases of critical bug fixes. We have a suite of nightly tests covering our full stack; results are reported to Slack instantly so the team is always in the know.

Technical Challenges

We're working on novel user interfaces, like voice powered smart speaker applications and mobile applications, to engage with patients and help keep them connected to their health care teams. This involves many technical challenges in designing a multi-modal user experience.

Our system has to gracefully handle a large volume of health data traffic (from wearable devices and from medical records) within a small window of time. This involves things like queuing up data batches so our database isn’t overloaded and rate limiting calls to external APIs when we receive notifications that new data is available for many users at once. Our agent-based AI also has to handle issues of data sync gracefully.

We work with sensitive health data, so our stack needs to be HIPAA compliant. For example, log messages can never mention personally identifying information in any way and any third party tools (e.g. on AWS) must be HIPAA compliant. Integrating with the electronic health record systems of different health providers adds further layers of challenge as our software must be built to interface with a wide variety of different EHR systems and formats.

Beyond these privacy and scaling issues, we also tackle a wide variety of machine learning challenges. To name just a few, these include how to model missing data, how to account for unobserved variables, and how to model rare events such as hospitalizations.

Tech stack
iOS Development
React Native

Working at Ejenta

This position is right for you if you want to get in at the ground level of building a startup, and if you thrive in working with a small team, with great influence in your work, product decisions and company direction. You’ll receive a competitive compensation and benefits package including medical, dental, vision, and unlimited vacation.

Perks & benefits
  • Generous Vacation

    Ejenta has an unlimited vacation policy.

  • Maternal/Paternal Leave

    It's hard work taking care of babies. We have generous and flexible maternal/paternal leave policy.

  • Flexible Hours

    Most of our team is in the office from 10am to 5-6pm, but we don't have any hard rules about this. If you need a work from home day, just take one! We care about productivity and not hours in the office.

  • Health Insurance

    Great medical, dental and vision plans.

  • Team Activities

    Our founders own a sailboat and love to go out for a sail on the bay on a nice day! We also often eat lunch together, have a drink on the rooftop on Friday eve and get together occasionally for other bay area activities such as escape rooms, kayaking, and game nights.

  • Beautiful Office
  • Work from Home
  • Relocation
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