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Our customers manage money for the world’s top universities, retirement plans, and foundations. Every dollar they make goes to providing a first-generation college student a scholarship or an elementary school teacher the ability to retire. Today, they spend millions of dollars and months of time manually performing routine functions. We’re going to change that.

We offer customers an automated and centralized repository for critical documents that they constantly exchange with partner investment managers. We then use ML-based algorithms to extract data from those documents into their everyday workflows.

It’s a difficult technical problem. And most of our customers have no idea where to begin. But we have traction with dozens of enterprise customers and an MVP. Now we are focused on improving and scaling our technology to deliver value across more use cases.

Why join us?

  • We are formalizing agreements with a number of large enterprise customers that give us clear line of sight to $1m+ of revenue.

  • Our founders are two Stanford alums with a background and deep relationships in our target market.

  • We are supported by well-known investors and advisors.

Engineering at Elevate LP

Engineering team and processes

We have two founders: 1 engineer, 1 product. This position offers an opportunity to create the structure of an engineering team and implement processes that will be employed over the life of the company.

Technical Challenges

We're building ML/regressions models to automate data extraction from documents.

Projects you might work on
  • Build ML models to interpret documents and automatically populate data fields.

  • Design APIs to integrate into customer's existing workflows.

  • Fortify systems for data security given highly confidential nature of data being extracted.

Tech stack

Working at Elevate LP

We're two fun-loving people looking for a third!

Perks & benefits
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