251 - 500 employees
101 - 250 engineers
$100m+ funding
Exited (acquired)

Developing data, data infrastructure, and data solutions products to solve high-impact use cases in the Fortune 500. e.g. procurement, anti-money laundering and pharma co-vigilance.

Solving operational challenges requires expanding perspective. Expanding perspective requires bringing in intelligence from outside your organization. Enigma solutions configure public data, data infrastructure, and analytics to link public datasets with your internal data. Our outcome-driven solutions produce immediate lift, enriched data assets, and repurposable tooling for getting more value out of your data.

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Why join us?

  • Big data — We have built one of the world's largest public data repositories, positioning us to develop software and solutions in an industry agnostic context. This inherently gives us tremendous upside. Key sectors that we are already engaging with ranges from Financial Services/Compliance, Insurance, Life Sciences.

  • Positive Impact —Public data reflects more of our everyday lives than most of us realize. It’s everywhere, from a plane taking off at an airport to a barrel of crude oil flowing through a pipeline to a new drug being approved. These things exist in specific and separate public datasets, but together, they can provide a vast and powerful view of what’s happening in the world.

  • Powerful mission — We believe that society will only be able to tackle tough challenges if people can freely access and analyze public data. That’s why we’re committed to building tools and platforms that enable people to work together to hold the public and private sector accountable, challenge inequality, and promote a robust civil society.

Engineering at Enigma

Technical Challenges

1) Rapidly scaling public database platform, hosting one of the world's largest repositories of public data.

2) Our Data Infrastructure tooling helps Fortune 500 companies connect disparate datasets across organizational silos through data integration, metadata improvement, and global search. Enigma infrastructure is trusted to make data accessible and relevant to users across the Fortune 500 and public sector. These products provide Engineers to work on exciting technical challenges, applying cutting edge technological advances in application development.

3) Enigma partners with clients to deploy targeted industry solutions that augment and link data assets, expand data accessibility and relevance, and bring intelligence and automation to routine activities. Our modular and maintainable solutions configure Enigma public data, infrastructure, analytics, and interfaces to solve key challenges within a vertical. Through linking internal data and public datasets, clients benefit from integrating improved data assets into both human-dependent and automated workflows. Our solutions are designed to deliver immediate operational impact and provide long-term organizational value through repurposable intelligence and infrastructure assets. Our teams are using Machine Learning and Entity Resolution/Linking to bring these products to life and offers engineers to work on high impact use case specific solutions.

Tech stack

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