Remote • $100k - $200k • 5.0% - 20.0%

EnterMeme Inc.

Role Location

  • Remote


  • $100k - $200k
  • 5.0% - 20.0%


< 10 people

Tech Stack

  • Vue.js
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Laravel

Role Description

Funded startup seeking extremely talented senior full-stack Co-Founding CTO to assist with disrupting an industry.

Memes have taken over the internet, and we're building Memes 3.0 like never seen before. Disappearing messages were strange before Snapchat IPO'd, and home made video's were a cute hobby before YouTube was acquired. We're following the same disruptive trajectory. This is Memes Gone Wild.

You must have experience building and sustaining large and complex (yet maintainable) systems, directly leading and managing a small team of developers, and you should be able to do so in about one-third the time that most competent people think possible. We're looking for in-the-trenches tech lead help to hands-on maintain our current ops + scale to our 100x valuation targets for 2022.

Expect talented, motivated, intense, and interesting co-workers.

This is NOT a typical posting. We have an all-star team of financial backers, a 3-month average 40% MOM growth record, experienced CEO leadership, and a first entrant market position with our USP.

You'll be remote working directly with our CEO on a daily basis. This is a full-time, permanent position.

Important soft skills: Passionate about tech and enjoy working on fun projects Forward-thinking, problem-solver mindset. You do not waste time waiting for someone to hand you a task list. Love finding ways to continually improve a system for better performance, sleeker user experience, etc. You're passionate about effective, clear, and pro-active communication.

About EnterMeme Inc.

We're building Memes 3.0 for the internet. We eat, breath, sleep and live memes with raw, tireless passion while building a social media platform dedicated entirely to people as obsessed about memes as we are.

We're the YouTube of the Meme world, rewarding community members and making a true profession out of the word Memer. One day, when kids are asked by their grandparents 'what do you wanna be when you grow up', and the kid answers 'I wanna be a memer', it'll be because of us.

We're entirely grateful for the existence of 9GAG, imgflip, Giffy and the other greats in the meme industry. But their time has come and gone. The age of Meme.Market has begun, and the Meme world will never be the same again. It's only by standing on the shoulders of giants after all that we're able to see where memes are headed. And yes this longer-term vision incorporates the tidal waves created by Bitcoin and the Fediverse.

If you're interested in being a part of a legendary story on par with Instagram, Twitch, and Discord, then you've stumbled across the right Triplebyte posting.

Company Culture

We're a team of resourceful, scrappy, agile underdogs passionate about changing an industry and empowering memers across the globe.

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