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Eppo helps product teams run experiments that are reliably informative. Informative experiments validate or invalidate hypotheses and drive future product launches. But today's experiments are rarely reliable due to poor data infrastructure and experiment design. And experiments are rarely informative unless time-strapped data workers babysit them from inception to completion, including endless complex post-hoc deep dives into new segments and metrics.

At Airbnb, we were caught in a loop of throwing analyst headcount at experiment quality. So we created a 10 person, cross functional engineering team to centralize and automate these workflows. Over 5 years, we figured out how to deal with cross-device users, non-logged in users, bug detection, biased randomization, and outlier skews. We automated post-hoc analyses like no-code slice dice and funnels, extrapolating experiment results to global metric effect, and variance reduction techniques that make experiments 30% faster. And we implemented all of these pipelines while managing computation costs. Today, any engineer or product team can launch experiments and validate against core business metrics, driving $100s of millions in revenue.

We want companies to run experiments that are reliably informative. Skip the half decade of development and 10 person internal tools team, and immediately start gaining knowledge from higher quality experiments.

We are currently built on Next JS on top of a serverless GCP structure, and there is freedom to define our technical architecture and framework choices.

More information on Eppo can be found at this product manifesto. https://www.notion.so/Why-I-started-Eppo-855f757c69da4a7db49b0d23e7e55b51

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Why join us?

  • We have had incredible early market traction, and have sold the product concept 5 times before writing a line of code. We've raised a competitive seed round led by Amplify, and have the early team of Looker, the CTO of Optimizely, CTO of Webflow, and Lenny Rachitsky as angel investors.

  • Data and backend engineering is the core of what we do. We are automating BI capabilities off of cloud datawarehouses, implementing cutting edge statistical methods, developing enterprise feature flagging solutions, and building collaboration layers to manage experiments.

  • This is a ground-up, foundational engineering role. You will have agency to determine architecture choices and speed/quality/scope tradeoffs.

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