East bay, remote, la, ny, seattle, sf, silicon valley
51 - 100 employees
11 - 25 engineers
$50m - $100m funding
Series b

Over 50% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. We’re trying to fix that, by building new financial services that make it easier to make ends meet, pay down debt, and save money. And we’re doing it as a transparent, straightforward business that only profits when our members do, too.

We sell our app to employers to offer as a benefit to their employees. In return, employers save money because Even improves employee retention.

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Active Roles

Why join us?

  • Positive impact on the world — In America, 77 million people spend $100 billion every year just to make ends meet. $100b for things that purely extract value. Things like payday loans. Overdraft fees. Low balance fees. Late bill fees. Do the math, and you arrive at a startling realization: the average working class American loses 10–20% of their income to these products.

    It is expensive to be poor, and we're working to change that.

    Read more at https://blog.even.com/the-new-normal-b741608f929b and https://www.even.com/blog/optimizing-for-impact

  • Great strategy to acquire users — From day one, we focused on building a clear path to distribution — because too many new financial products have been killed by the incredibly high cost of customer acquisition.

    We distribute Even through employers, who offer it as a benefit to their employees. This accomplishes a few things: it decreases our customer acquisition cost, it gives our company stable recurring revenue, and it decreases the cost to the employees we serve. For these reasons, Even has excellent unit economics and is already profitable.

    This isn't just theoretical: the nation's largest private employer (Walmart) was our first customer, and we're now the third-most used benefit at Walmart behind only 401(k) and healthcare.

  • Fulfilling technical & product challenges — We deal with real-world money movement, sensitive financial data, and important security, privacy, and regulatory concerns, so solving problems reliably, scalably, and securely matters a lot. Our members are also trusting us with one of the most important aspects of their lives, so thoroughly understanding their needs and providing UX that's intuitive & delightful are essential, too. The consistent positive feedback makes our hard work here so clearly worth it.

Engineering at Even

Engineering team and processes

Our team is built around autonomy and ownership. Engineers are responsible for shipping end-to-end: this includes meeting with stakeholders (like product, design, or customer support) and monitoring features in production.

Teams operate however works best for them, but in general we use low-overhead project planning processes. Weekly sprint planning and standups act as an opportunity to align as a team, but engineers are responsible for defining the vision and execution plan for their own features.

We employ standard engineering best practices like code review, continuous testing & deployment, consolidated task tracking, and runtime monitoring/alerting.

Technical Challenges
  1. Modeling people’s financial lives & automatically helping them plan. Every person’s situation is unique, and tricky situations abound (e.g. you just lost your job, or hit a large medical bill), so we’re regularly revisiting our abstractions and approaches.

  2. Making a scalable and extensible software architecture for employer integrations. We integrate with payroll and time tracking systems. Each system has different constraints, and each employer has different requirements. How can we scale to many systems, employers, and members most effectively and easily?

  3. Building a product that’s reliable, secure, fast, and delightful — without sacrificing rapid iteration and experimentation. This requires a dedication to laying and maintaining a great foundation.

Projects you might work on
  • Build a new product that helps people automatically pay their student loans from their paychecks. Build both reliable & scalable backend logic and intuitive & delightful frontend UX.

  • Build abstractions (frameworks & libraries) to reduce the amount of code we have to write, and thus time it takes, to ship a new employer integration — by 10x if possible!

  • Come up with effective ways to improve the security & privacy of our products (like detecting suspicious logins and requiring additional authentication), reduce both the likelihood & severity of fraud (like implementing stronger identity verification), and ensure the member experience is still low-friction (by analyzing data and monitoring feedback).

Tech stack
React Native

Working at Even

Kind, collaborative, and driven. We seek to hire high performers and give them a lot of autonomy & ownership. We don't hire for culture fit; we hire for value fit. Read more here: https://www.even.com/about/careers#values

Perks & benefits
  • Maternal/Paternal Leave

    12 weeks paid leave for all new parents — moms and dads alike.

  • Health Insurance

    A broad range of high-quality medical, dental, and vision plans, including PPOs, HMOs, HDHPs with HSAs, and more.

  • Gym/Fitness

    Every Even employee has as $100/mo stipend they can use for any health/wellness related activity.

  • Generous Vacation

    Plenty of startups institute flexible vacation policies - we add to that by instituting a minimum (10 days annually), with additional clearly defined times set aside for parental leave and other needs.

  • Flexible Hours

    We trust our team to work at the times they are most productive. Hours spent in the office is a terrible proxy for productivity.

  • Workshops/Conferences

    We have a $5000/year educational stipend, available to all members of the team. So far, people have used this stipend toward everything from technical conferences to management education and coaching.

  • 401(k) Contribution

    We match 50% of every dollar earned up to 6% of base salary. Matching vests over 2 years in 50% cliffs.

  • Work from Home

    We've been a remote-friendly team (with employees across the US) since before COVID, and we'll remain that way even after COVID.

  • Team Activities

    Thanks to amazing initiative by one of our employees, we've been having fun & unique optional company events every week while we're all remote during COVID. The range is diverse, including fitness (workout & yoga classes taught by professional instructors) kid-friendly (magic shows, arts & crafts), collaborative (cooking & baking together), and more. Individual teams also hold regular team bonding events, and individual people often organize impromptu happy hours & board game events.

  • Philanthropic Contributions

    In addition to tackling a large, important problem as our mission, Even also matches all employee referral bonuses to a charity of the employee's choice. We've also doubly matched employee contributions to racial justice initiatives and food & hunger initiatives.

  • Other

    A 5-year exercise window on our stock options once you've been at Even for 2 years or more, plus a $500/year stipend to spend on financial advice or counseling.

Our Team by the Numbers

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