26 - 50 employees
11 - 25 engineers
$2m - $5m funding
Series a

Every single employee in every organization–from an intern to the CEO–has a network, and most companies do nothing to enable their people to leverage the value of those networks. If you're a company that believes your people should be equipped to use social media at work, to sell, market, communicate, and recruit then EveryoneSocial is the platform you would buy.

We are the leader in our space and count some of the world's greatest companies as clients, including Facebook, T-Mobile, Dell, Amazon, IBM.

Why join us?

  • We're a small and experienced team. At present we have a 26 person team, 9 of which are engineering. While we have big ambitions, we like to do a lot with a little, which means hiring experienced, passionate engineers. Our VP of Product & Engineering, Dan McComas has founded multiple startups and prior to joining EveryoneSocial was the SVP of Product & Engineering at Reddit.

  • We have big clients w/ massive scale opportunity/ambitions. Clients of ours include Adobe, Electronic Arts, T-Mobile, Dell, IBM, Amazon, Facebook, United Airlines, and many other global organizations. Our current base of clients have over 2M addressable employees (potential users of our product) and we're adding new clients every month.

  • We're bootstrapped and profitable. We may be a startup, but we're also a functioning business with real clients and revenue, and not having large investors allows us to do things the way we feel they need to be done. We've had net yoy client retention of 100% since 2013 and we have never lost a customer to a competitor. We're here to win and our top priorities are our people and our customers.

Engineering at EveryoneSocial

Engineering team and processes

Our engineering team is currently separated into the following functional groups, each of which has a lead which reports to our VP of Product & Engineering:

  • Back end (python, AWS, Dynamodb, Elasticsearch)
  • React/Typescript/Graphql on web
  • React Native/Typescript/Graphql for native

As a small team, we make a point of keeping process and structure to a minimum. We have sprint planning on Monday morning and demos on Friday afternoon. Every other day we have daily standup calls. We use Asana for task tracking

Technical Challenges

The primary technical challenges we deal with relate to our goal to provide consumer-grade software (performance, reliability, scalability) and user experience (ui/ux, functionality, accessibility) to businesses.

  • We're a small team: With a small team, this requires that every engineer be experienced and demonstrate good foresight and decision-making ability. As any engineer knows, the decisions we make now will have ramifications down the line; striking a good balance between our current needs and future goals is always something we need to be mindful of.

  • Our users expect a lot: Our users (employees at large companies like Dell, Amazon, and Adobe) expect our product to function and perform at a similar level to the consumer social platforms they use everyday (e.g., Facebook, Twitter). Matching those expectations is no small task and requires involvement from the whole team, from product to infrastructure.

  • We're growing: It's our expectation that we will have over 1M active users on our product in the next 24 months. Supporting the needs of these and more users is going to be an ongoing technical challenge. In our minds, scalability and performance will likely be the least of our challenges; the real ones will building the right features and functionality to support large communities of users.

Projects you might work on
  • Real-time chat: Everything we do, every decision we make at a product level is with an aim to increase user retention and engagement, which is what drives success for us and our clients. Real-time functionality, especially chat can be a major driver of user retention and engagement. This would be a back-to-front implementation to provide our users with real-time chat tools via our web and native apps, including moderation and many other features found in platforms like Slack.

  • Video posts: Video can be pre-recorded, audio-only, and potentially live. This will be another back-to-front project with the aim of allowing our users to create video posts within our product. Beyond uploading, encoding, rendering/streaming, we would also like to investigate backend tools for object recognition, speech to text (for subtitles), and text language translation (for translating subtitles.

  • Additional workspaces: Just like Slack, we're looking to allow our users to be members of multiple workspaces with a single login. For example, they may be a member of the Adobe account, because they work there, but they may also be a member of a Marketing Professionals account, which includes colleagues and friends that don't work at Adobe. At present a user would need to create a separate login for each account they are a member of; we'd like to allow them to use a single login and be able to easily switch between workspaces within their one account.

Tech stack
React Native
AWS Lambda

Working at EveryoneSocial

We view company culture as something that a) is the result of the people we hire and b) evolves (for the better) with each new hire. We do not see company culture as something that should be contrived by a select number of people.

  • We want people who enjoy autonomy and who care about the work they do
  • We value people with diverse perspectives and backgrounds
  • We want everyone, in every role to participate in our success
  • We believe that work and life happen in parallel and that one shouldn't drown the other
  • We want to support everyone in achieving their own professional development goals
  • Our goal is to always put our people first
Perks & benefits
  • Work from Home

    We like to work from our offices, however we all like to work from home as well. Different environments are conducive of different kinds of work. For those reasons we allow everyone to work from their home two days a week.

  • Health Insurance

    We provide full health (medical, dental, and vision) insurance to you and your family.

  • Other

    Every single member of our team is granted stock options in EveryoneSocial. These grants are reviewed every two years and every member of our team who has been with us for that long has received an additional grant.

Our Team by the Numbers

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