11 - 25 Employees
11 - 25 Engineers
$5M - $10M Funding

Expo is a free and open-source toolchain built around React Native to help you build native iOS and Android projects using JavaScript and React.

Why join us?
  • We have a truly exceptional team — This is the best team I've worked with and the most fun to work with. And I've worked with some really excellent teams at Quora and Facebook. I (Charlie) was one of the founders of Quora and an early engineer at Facebook where I build News Feed. The rest of the team is really strong engineers with strong backgrounds (Stanford, Princeton, Berkeley, React Native core contributors).

  • We're able to have huge reach despite having a small, lean team — Historically, other similarly ambitious endeavors such as self-driving cars or VR, require huge teams where contributions and responsibility are far more distributed. But we can get a lot of important stuff done with a fairly small team of very high quality people.

  • Our product presents the opportunity to use and learn a variety of technologies — Many of our new projects exercise a breadth of skills and also present deep technical challenges. For example, we just realized Expo needed a better way to do graphics, so we're working on adding OpenGL support in a performant, elegant way. Most people on our team regularly use a variety of different technologies (JS, React Native, Obj-c, Java, Node, k8s, React, etc.)

  • We give you flexibility and autonomy — On the spectrum of employees to partners, we pretty much treat everyone on our team as a partner. Everyone has a lot of independence around what they work on and how they do it. We can do this because we have a team of highly motivated, extremely talented people who just want to work on this, and so we can trust them to keep moving forward.

  • We're well-funded — We're able to self-fund this project and can do that for a long time, so this company has the upside and potential and opportunity and excitement of a startup, while still getting some of the stability and benefits and perks of a bigger, more mature company (salaries competitive with companies like Dropbox, Facebook, and Google; good healthcare; company pays for meals; et

Engineering at Expo
Technical Challenges

Deeply understanding iOS and Android platforms — This is necessary for us to come up with cohesive cross-platform APIs. iOS and Android platforms change over time to, so there is an ongoing challenge to keep up with them. We also end up needing to drive changes to React Native to get it to do what we want, so having the vision to craft the future of that technology elegantly is important.

Pushing the limits of Reactive Native — We're constantly pushing the limits of Reactive Native so that we can better address the needs of developers who use our app. This often results in cool discoveries. For example, we just helped pioneer shared element transitions in React Native with some of the work we did.

Writing an OS in the way the browser is an OS — This means dealing with security issues from running code from multiple developers, in addition to managing resource delivery.

Tech stack
React Native
Objective C
iOS Development
Google Cloud

Working at Expo
Free Food
Generous Vacation
Maternal/Paternal Leave
Health Insurance
Flexible Hours
Work from Home
Pet Friendly

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