26 - 50 employees
< 10 engineers
$25m - $50m funding
Series b

FarmsteadĀ is a new digital grocer that sources and delivers fresh, local food to customers in 60 minutes or less. With micro-hubs in the Bay Area that carry only carefully curated, quality products, we leverage AI to aggressively optimize our supply chain and reduce food waste costs, while also helping customers order just what they will actually consume. We've been growing seasonally at 20-25% MoM, and have fulfillment partnerships with Doordash. We're backed by Resolute Ventures, Social Capital, Artis Capital, Y Combinator, SV Angel and others.

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Why join us?

  • We do most things from scratch, since there are very few usable tools out there to solve the problems we face.

    We are full-stack on both product and operations, which means we are writing code for both consumers and operations staff to orchestrate all aspects of curating items, picking them from shelves into orders at our own warehouses, and delivering to doorsteps every day with our own logistics fleet and stack.

    We are tech stack agnostic and very centered on finding compelling solutions to problems that have not been solved before in our space.

  • Metrics:

    Rapidly growing at 25-30% MoM

    40%+ cohort retention over 12 months

    Almost contribution margin profitable in SF

    Expanding outside the Bay Area in 2019

  • Full-time Team:

    Values driven with an entrepreneurial bent

    Each person runs their own department

    Highly performant without sacrificing sanity or personal lives

    Majority of team members have little children, so we are super productive when we are at work.

  • Our Values:

    Take defensible risks without fear of negative consequences.

    Be considerate.

    Go further by learning together.

Engineering at Farmstead

Engineering team and processes

Engineering team is very flat, and runs a weekly sprint. CI/CD pipeline, ship multiple times a day, full code review of course. We are cognizant of the trade-off between tech debt and speed, which is highly relevant at this stage of our business.

Technical Challenges

We love that our codebase touches a variety of different problems, since we operate a complex, interlocked system that drives profitability every day.

At any given point in time, our eng team currently writes and maintains code that:

  • Improves and creates new and unique consumer-facing experiences on web and mobile to help them save time and money each week by getting their groceries automatically delivered.

  • Helps our buying team curate the best products to carry

  • Helps our operations team increase their efficiency

  • Helps Farmstead recruit and retain our delivery fleet by giving them a pleasant delivery experience

Projects you might work on
  • If someone adds organic bottled milk to their cart, what are the next ten items we should show them to increase the odds they remain a long-term customer of ours?

  • How can we increase perishable grocery margins by selecting the right products to buy at the right time from vendors with variable quality levels, for items that expire rapidly?

  • Given a scheduled 3 hour block of time and variable driver attendance, how do we increase route density for each delivery route?

  • If we add robotic picking, what needs to change operationally?

Tech stack
Ruby on Rails
iOS Development

Working at Farmstead

Fast-paced, but considerate. Most of us have families so schedules vary. Minimal meetings.

Perks & benefits
  • Other

    Grocery credits each month ;)

  • Maternal/Paternal Leave

    2-month fully covered maternity & paternity

  • Health Insurance

    Full medical, dental and vision

  • Generous Vacation

    Unlimited PTO

  • Free Food
Our Team by the Numbers

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