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$2M - $5M Funding
Pre-Series A

Fathom makes it easy to recall and share insights from your Zoom calls by replacing note-taking with instantly available and annotated call recordings.

Active Roles

Why join us?

  • People believe in our vision and our team. Funded Y-Combinator, prominent tech CEOs (Reddit, Twitch, Cruise, ProductHunt, Clearbit) and by 3 of 4 seed investors in Zoom.

  • Our team. We're small but engineering heavy. We've worked together for years stretching back to a previous company . We work hard but don't death march. We solve real problems that have impact, daily. Our CEO doesn't code (which is a plus at this point) but has a product & engineering background.

  • Our ability to build high quality product. Check out our short 3-minute demo and judge for yourself: https://www.loom.com/share/43544dfd33004fe89742350def9a059f

Engineering at Fathom

Engineering team and processes

We're only 6 engineers so the hierarchy is relatively flat with an emphasis put on making sure people get to gravitate to the projects they're most interested in. We don't do Sprints or Sprint Planning (yay!). We set weekly goals in Notion/Trello and then self organize around those based on interest first and efficacy second.

Technical Challenges

Though we're still in stealth, we're preparing for a massive crush of usage (from 100s of users to >100K users) b/c of an impending launch with a well-known, publicly-traded partner. So preparing to scale our write-heavy application in anticipation of that is our biggest challenge at present.

Projects you might work on
  • Help us scale our real time call processing (audio, video, transcription and metadata correlation) infrastructure up >2 orders of magnitude in usage.

  • Help us improve on RCA of errors in a complex runtime with key integrations through better alerting and metrics.

  • Automate everything!

Tech stack
Ruby on Rails
Google Cloud Platform

Working at Fathom

We're focused on building a killer product through a genuine team effort - no heroes, no complex, just a shared purpose toward working together and supporting each other to get s**t done.

Perks & benefits
  • Health Insurance

    We provide full medical, dental, and vision with low (or no) deductibles and HSA options.

  • Work from Home

    The entire company is remote ;)

  • Flexible Hours

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