Sf, east bay, ny, remote, silicon valley
26 - 50 employees
11 - 25 engineers
$25m - $50m funding
Series a

By applying a big data approach to knowledge work, Fin helps companies improve workflow definition, provide better training to team members, and understand the technological and behavior variables that impact team performance, productivity and happiness.

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Why join us?

  • We have an and intellectually and technically curious team. We have a good range of startup folks from Twilio, Venmo, and Taskrabbit and folks who have worked at scale at Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. We're looking for folks who are ready to do the best work of their careers.

  • Our customer list including AirBnB, Coinbase, Doordash and other leading tech-forward brands. Large Fin customers are spending high-six-figures per year on Fin, which is testament to the value they’re getting. The benchmark for venture-backed enterprise SaaS companies is to triple and double revenue for as long as possible, and we don’t see ourselves any differently.

  • We're backed by Coatue, First Round, Accel and Kleiner Perkins. As of February 2022 we don’t foresee any cash flow issues; we have well over a year of cash in the bank, and if our growth rate and execution remain healthy, believe we’ll be able to secure financing whenever required.

  • We have a great balance of opportunities to learn, small company culture, working hard but reasonably, and solving interesting scaling problems out of necessity.

Engineering at Fin

Engineering team and processes

Our team is 10 engineers, 1 engineering manager, 1 tech lead, 1 product designer, 3 product managers. We organize into two teams: Red looks after our customer facing web apps and Chrome extension, Silver looks after our backend services and data pipeline. We do weekly planning and prioritized engineering autonomy and personal responsibility over structure and meetings. We use Linear for ticket tracking and promise to never make you use Jira.

Technical Challenges

We process an increasingly large amount of data, and of varying types: browser events, audio, video, and need to tie it all together to present clear and impactful analytics and reports. Currently we're looking to scale up our data pipeline and deal with all of the challenges that come with that (timeliness of data, correctness, stability of databases and infrastructure under high load). Over time we will be increasingly investing in more ML based products to help humans understand what they can't intuitively and efficiently grasp.

Projects you might work on
  • How do you handle millions of events per minute? How do you store them together and connect them into one coherent session? How do you make sure the data lives close at hand for as long as needed and is then expired per each customer's individual needs?

  • We're building tooling and capabilities on top of many platforms and external tools. How would you build the right level of granularity and abstraction to handle whatever a customer's unique tool can throw at you without having it be so abstract as to be difficult to understand and work with?

Tech stack

Working at Fin

We organize our culture around five fundamental behaviors we tongue in cheek refer to as Findamentals.

In defining the Findamentals, we’ve tried to avoid platitudes and ‘taken for granteds’ – a baseline of respect and high-performance is assumed. The Findamentals aren’t about enabling Fin to function - they’re about what makes Fin special.

🔍 Sweat the facts

Fin exists because great teams demand objective data to inform their decision making.

  • Be thorough in goal setting and objective in goal scoring – it doesn’t benefit us to ‘achieve’ a goal that doesn’t impact the business.

  • Avoid “internal selling”. It’s great to have a point of view, but try to close information gaps using facts, not stories.

  • Disagree and commit

🤝  Continuously earn trust

The greatest teams in the world have embraced Fin. We work tirelessly to earn (and earn and earn) their trust; never taking it for granted.

  • Recognize it’s our customers, not us, on the frontline; their trust and collaboration is what enables us to innovate.

  • Embody the voice of the end-user, even if that could create friction with the business buyer.

  • Foster transparent, egoless partnerships; always negotiate in good faith.

💯  Inspire with excellence

By demonstrating individual excellence, we secure the right to demand excellence of one another.

  • Strive to impress and inspire one another with every task.

  • Inspiration flows in every direction - it doesn’t care about the org chart.

  • Pick up the trash.

😅  Get uncomfortable

Individuals can change organizations, and organizations can change the world. But nobody ever changed anything from their comfort zone.

  • Hire people who are ready and excited to do the best work of their career.

  • Embrace and support peer ambition.

  • Practice vulnerable, honest, self-assessment and blameless team-level retrospectives.

🙏  Say thank you

Life is what happens when you’re busy building the future.

Striving to build an iconic tech company means obsessing about the future. It’s important to step back and appreciate the gift of now and the process of building something great with great people – together.

Frequently saying Thank You in acknowledgement of the effort of other Finfolk is a simple and ritualistic way to remind each other that we appreciate being on this journey together, independent of our ambitious vision of the future.

Perks & benefits
  • Flexible Hours

    Most engineers work 10-6. People with kids generally work earlier, 8-4. Some of the younger folks work 11-7.

    It's not a 24x7 grind, but sometimes people will stay late to meet an important deadline.

  • Health Insurance

    Medical + dental

  • Work from Home

    We're a pragmatic team, fully remote at the moment. After the pandemic is brought under control, we will likely still maintain a fair amount of remote and from home work.

  • Other

    We have a true need for handling difficult problems at scale. There are some lessons and knowledge you can only learn from doing it, every day.

  • Generous Vacation

    We have a take what you need policy. Work hard, ship great product, and take the time to rest and enjoy your life!

  • Pet Friendly

    A fun benefit of remote work is that we are as pet friendly as you are!

  • Maternal/Paternal Leave
  • Team Activities

    We :heart:

  • Gym/Fitness

    You can expense up to $100 a month on health purchases, such as a gym membership (or, in these times, home fitness equipment or virtual fitness class subscriptions).

Our Team by the Numbers

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